Afternoon showers bring summer flowers

Those pesky afternoon rain showers that interrupt your golf game or hike are what brings our wild flowers out to bloom. And, because of our micro ecosystems created by the hills and dales of the mountains, they all do not bloom at the same time or in the same place.

Most of these in this photo blog bloom somewhere on my two acres or the hills I walk with my dog and camera. One of the things Magique has yet to master is to not step on the flowers but, as a well-trained photographer’s dog, she stays still when I aim my camera.

The flowers posted here are Blackeyed Susan, Indian Paint Brush, Wild Iris, Evening Primrose, Blue Flax and Mountain Phlox. For identification of flowers, I recommend this website.

Wildflowers-Jacqui Binford-Bell_045a_SMWildflowers-Jacqui Binford-Bell_005a_SM Wildflowers-Jacqui Binford-Bell_021a_SM Wildflowers-Jacqui Binford-Bell_032ac_SM Wildflowers-Jacqui Binford-Bell_057a_SM Wildflowers-Jacqui Binford-Bell_073a_SM