Angel Fire Police Blotter: Aug. 20-26

08/20/2018 08:30:00 18-000490 Larceny

Subject came into the Angel Fire Police Department and reported a larceny. Subject stated that sometime over the weekend a standup air compressor was stolen from outside a business. Report taken.

Location: 23 AGUA RD RPT – Report Taken

08/20/2018 19:45:00 18-000491 Motorist Assist

Angel Fire Police Department responded to a citizen assist where a disabled subject locked himself out of his vehicle. The officer was able to gain access to the vehicle through the right front door without incident.

Location: 3373 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL COMP – Service Completed

08/21/2018 16:00:00 18-000493 Juvenile Problem

Angel Fire Police Department responded to a complaint of juveniles riding ATVs in the roadway. The officer arrived in the area and was unable to locate the juveniles. The reporting person (RP) advised it occurs daily around 1630-1700 hours. The RP further advised the juveniles are wearing safety equipment, are not driving recklessly, and are yielding to vehicles. The RP is concerned a vehicle may not see them and they will be involved in a crash. The officer will close patrol the area during those times.

Location: 22 TYLER RD UTL – Unable to Locate

08/21/2018 16:11:35 18-000492 Animal Complaint

Citizen reported in person at the AFPD that there have been loose dogs (huskies) running around the neighborhood. He thinks they belong to the people at 36 Tyler. Officer went to the location but didn’t see any loose dogs.

Location: 36 TYLER NOREP – No Report Taken

08/21/2018 19:20:00 18-000494 Traffic Hazard

Angel Fire Police Department responded to an unattended vehicle blocking the right turn lane for some time. The officer arrived and the vehicle, described as a white Chevrolet pickup, was gone on arrival. The officer checked Country Club to Champions Terrace and had negative contact with any vehicle unattended on the roadway as well.


08/22/2018 10:35:16 18-000495 Animal Complaint

Citizen reported a small brown and white English bulldog roaming around without a collar. She stated that she saw the dog go to 23 Armijo Dr. No dog fitting that description was found at that location or anywhere in the vicinity.

Location: 26 ARMIJO DR UTL – Unable to Locate

08/22/2018 14:12:59 18-000496 Slash Complaint

Citizen called in to complain about slash pile deposited in front of his house in his ditch by neighbor across the street. Responding officer went to 27 Sierra Blanca Circle and talked to subcontractor working at the house. He stated that the large slash pile was left there by the landscape company. Officer took photos of the slash.

Location: 27 SIERRA BLANCA CR RPT – Report Taken

08/22/2018 19:40:06 SEBER, WILLIAM 18-000497 Civil Process

Document service. Served Court Summons for failure to pay fines.

Location: 3449 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL COMP – Service Completed

08/23/2018 12:20:58 18-000498 Animal Complaint

Angel Fire Police Department received a phone call about a deer that had been hit by a car between the stables and Country Club Dr. Community Services Officer (CSO) arrived at the location and found a dead deer at the 3200 block of Mountain View Blvd. on the east side of the road. Dispatch was notified and State Hwy Dept. will be picking up the deer.

Location: 3200 MOUNTAIN VIEW BLVD NOREP – No Report Taken

08/23/2018 18:40:17 18-000499 Private Property Accident

Fender bender. Minor accident on private property. Parties exchanged information and left the scene. No report.

Location: 3421 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL NOREP – No Report Taken

08/24/2018 00:00:12 18-000500 Noise Complaint

Loud noise complaint. Report of loud noise coming from #103, north building. Description does not match condos and no loud noise was observed. No call back for RP. No report.

Location: 35 VAIL UTL – Unable to Locate

08/24/2018 00:02:46 18-000501 911 Call

Motor vehicle crash. Report of accident on Hwy 64, driver not responsive. Located scene on pass, mile marker 273. No injuries. No report.

Location: 273 HWY 64 NOREP – No Report Taken

08/24/2018 11:36:15 18-000502 Animal Complaint

Angel Fire Police Department received a call about a deer with a broken leg located 2 miles up Back Basin Road on the right side of the road. CSO went to the described location and was unable to locate the deer.

Location: BACK BASIN ROAD UTL – Unable to Locate

08/24/2018 15:00:00 18-000503 Property Accident

Angel Fire Police Department received a report of a non-injury motor vehicle accident involving a deer. The driver came to the police department to report the accident after the fact. No accident report will be written however this call for service will act as proof that the driver reported the accident.

Location: 3465 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL COMP – Service Completed

08/24/2018 16:02:00 18-000504 Assist Other Agency

Angel Fire Police Department located an unattended toddler walking down the roadway, HWY 64 at Second St, in Eagle Nest. Dispatch was notified. The parent of the toddler arrived at approximately 16:25 and took custody of the child. The Colfax County Sheriff’s Office (Colfax-3) continued to respond from Raton.

Location: US 64/2ND STREET COMP – Service Completed

08/24/2018 18:00:00 18-000505 Shots Fired

Angel Fire Police Department responded to a report of approximately 4-5 shots fired. The officer arrived in the area and was advised they had received a second call reporting the shots. The officer did not hear any shots reported by the second caller. The officer remained in the area for approximately 20 minutes and heard no shots.

Location: 84 PERALTA DR UNF – Unfounded

08/25/2018 13:44:09 18-000506 Informational

Angel Fire Police provided information to a visitor in regards to Off Highway Vehicles. Officer was waived down by a visitor from Texas who had questions about legal use of his off highway vehicle while in Angel Fire. Officer provided information so the visitor could safely and legally enjoy his OHV.

Location: 56 VALLEY RD COMP – Service Completed

08/25/2018 14:50:07 18-000507 Informational

Angel Fire Police responded to request for information for a juvenile case. The father of subject in an ongoing investigation requested information on the case. The subject in an adult and the investigation is ongoing, so no information was released. Officer informed the father that if and when he could release information he would call him back.

Location: 3465 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL COMP – Service Completed

08/25/2018 14:55:21 18-000507 Informational

Angel Fire Police was asked about a missing dog. Local citizen stopped at the Police Station to see if we had a lost dog she was looking for. While talking the citizen received a message on Facebook that the dog was located on a street behind Lowe’s Grocery Store. Officer provided directions to the location.

Location: 3465 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL COMP – Service Completed

08/26/2018 14:24:08 18-000509 Shots Fired

Angel Fire responded to a report of shots fired. Officer was called back to the area after unable to locate during an earlier sweep of the area on the initial call. The RP was able to point the Officer in the general direction of the shots and the Officer heard two shots while with the RPs. While enroute the Officer gathered additional information from some hikers. Officer proceeded to the area and was able to locate three males at a residence who admitted to firing a .40cal pistol and .22cal rifle at times throughout the past couple of days. Subjects stated they cleared the area they were shooting and were not aware of the Village Ordinance. Officer conducted a warrant check, informed the subjects of current ordinances and departed. No citations were issued.

Location: 55 SIERRA BLANCA CR NOREP – No Report Taken

08/26/2018 14:35:20 18-000510 Animal Complaint

Angel Fire Police observed a corn feeder and several (4) salt licks in the yard of a residence. Officer observed the corn feeder and salt licks while on routine patrol. Officer will print a copy of the Village Ordnance and attempt to make contact with the home owners and advise them to remove the corn feeder and salt licks or face citations for Ordinance 5-3A-11: Causing a Nuisance Game Animal Problem.

Location: 11 CALLE DE SAN FELIPE NOREP – No Report Taken

08/26/2018 14:44:48 18-000511 Vehicle Complaint

Angel Fire Police responded to a report of a vehicle blocking the road. Officer made contact with the owner of the broken down trailer, who advised that a second truck was enroute to take care of the trailer. The owner advised that he would not leave anything behind upon completion of his job.

Location: 63 HALO PINES TC NOREP – No Report Taken