Angel Fire Police Blotter: Dec. 25-31, 2017

12/25/2017 14:34:00    17-000694           Shoplifting

Officer was dispatched to a business in reference to a juvenile male shoplifter in custody. The juvenile male suspect concealed merchandise belonging to Mountain Sports and attempted to exit without paying. The juvenile was detained and the merchandise, a pair of Seirus multi-cam gloves valued at $26.99, was recovered by an employee. The juvenile was released to a responsible adult. The officer accomplished an offense report and will be forwarded to JPPO.

Location: 3375 MOUNTAIN VEW BL                             RPT – Report Taken

12/26/2017 10:35:00    17-000695           911 Call

Angel Fire Police Department responded to a 911 call regarding a domestic disturbance. The caller was located and it was determined that a married couple was involved with a heated verbal disturbance. An offense was not determined however an information report will be written for this incident.

Location: 50 VAIL AV  # 7                 INFO – Informational Report

12/26/2017 14:45:00    17-000696           Informational

Angel Fire Police Department received a report of possible fraud regarding services provided from a vendor. Information will be collected and the fraud will be investigated.

Location: 30 S ANGEL FIRE RD      INFO – Informational Report

12/26/2017 21:15:49    17-000697           Welfare Check

Welfare check on child. Located father of child. Instructed subject to contact mother of his son to confirm child was well. Returned call to Reporting Person (RP) later this date and she stated she spoke to child and all is well. No report taken.

Location: 52 N ANGEL FIRE RD     COMP – Service Completed

12/26/2017 21:22:06    17-000698           Larceny

Report of ex-roommate stealing jewelry and owing money to RP. Made contact with RP and suspect. Report taken.

Location: 3381 MOUNTAIN VEIW AV         RPT – Report Taken

12/27/2017 04:28:19    17-000699           Domestic

Angel Fire Police responded to a reported Domestic. Female arrested and taken to the Colfax County Vigil-Maldonado Detention Center (VMDC) for booking.

Location: 19 JACKSON HOLE         ARR – Subject Arrested

12/27/2017 13:05:30    17-000700           Property Accident

Angel Fire Police Department responded to report of a vehicle roll over. Officer made contact with the driver of vehicle and learned the accident occurred the previous evening and was not reported. Officer took a report a cited the driver for Failure to Immediately Report.

Location: 11 S ANGEL FIRE RD      RPT – Report Taken

12/27/2017 20:22:12    17-000701           Abandoned Vehicle

Report of stolen vehicle from repair shop. Subject left vehicle at repair shop for over a year. Vehicle town over a month ago. RP wanted to report vehicle as stolen. Informed RP that this was a civil matter. No report.

Location: 23 AGUA RD    UNF – Unfounded

12/27/2017 20:32:27    17-000702           Wanted Person

Wanted person. Subject arrested on warrant out of State Police in Vegas.

Location: 3381 MOUNTAIN VEW BL           ARR – Subject Arrested

12/28/2017 03:56:28    17-000703           Suspicious Activity

Report of 2 suspicious persons on property. Cleared area. No sign of entry. No vehicles seen on way to call. No report.

Location: 45 RIO GRANDE TC        GOA – Gone on Arrival

12/28/2017 12:08:00    17-000704           Stolen Vehicle

Angel Fire Police responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle. Officers made contact with the owner of the reported vehicle. Owner had just arrived and was unloading the vehicle. No disturbance was observed and Officers departed.

Location: 50 VAIL AV        UNF – Unfounded

12/28/2017 12:53:49    17-000705           Informational

Angel Fire Police responded to a report of children on the ice of a frozen pond. Officer made contact with an adult male in the party and asked them to leave the ice as it wasn’t safe. The party complied and departed without incident.

Location: S ANGEL FIRE RD             COMP – Service Completed

12/28/2017 14:40:00    17-000706           Informational

Angel Fire Police Department received a report of people on the ice on the south side of Monte Verde Lake. Contact was made with subjects and they were advised to stay off the ice. Subjects complied.

Location: MONTE VERDE LAKE      NOREP – No Report Taken

12/28/2017 15:20:36    17-000707           Assist Other Agency

Angel Fire Police responded to a request to assist Emergency Medical Services (EMS) with a combative patient. Officers arrived and the patient was cooperative. Officers remained on scene until the patient was transported.

Location: 11 MILLER LN COMP – Service Completed

12/29/2017 19:05:37    17-000708           Welfare Check

Welfare check on 62 years old male. Interviewed home owner in area of Alta and Vail. Owner was very informed about all her neighbors and no one fit the description provided by the RP. Did locate a Ute Park address as well as a phone number which goes to voicemail.

Location: Alta Rd

12/29/2017 20:45:13    17-000709           Informational

Custodial interference call. RP states father of child was refusing to transport child to Santa Rosa per parenting agreement. Report taken.

Location: 3521 MOUNTAIN VEIW BL          INFO – Informational Report

12/30/2017 00:26:00    17-000710           Noise Complaint

Officer was dispatched to a noise complaint involving loud music in the area of Bldg #5 in the Angel View Condominium complex. The officer made contact with the occupants in Bldg 5 Unit#1 and advised them to turn the music down. The occupants were advised if the officer returned a citation would be issued, and a third return would result in arrest. The occupants advised they would comply.

Location: 50 VAIL AV  # B5 #1        WARN – Warning Issued

12/30/2017 16:23:02    17-000711           Civil Standby

Angel Fire Police conducted a civil standby. Officer made contact with the RP and stood by while RP removed their belongings from the condo. No incidents occurred during the removal of property.

Location: 19 JACKSON HOLE RD  # D2        COMP – Service Completed

12/31/2017 23:32:00    17-000712           Residential Alarm

Angel Fire Police Department responded to a residential alarm on Vail Loop. Officer responded and found the RP inside the residence. The RP is an employer the homeowner. The RP was concerned that he was unable to contact the homeowner who was elderly. The homeowner was located with friends. The alarm was tripped by the RP who had a garage door opener to gain access to the residence.

Location: 69 VAIL LP        FAL – False Alarm