Angel Fire Police Blotter: July 16–22

07/16/2018 10:01:56   18-000416       Informational

Angel Fire Police Department requested employment background checks. Background checks were completed.

Location: 3465 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL      COMP – Service Completed

07/16/2018 17:30:00   18-000417       Civil Standby

Angel Fire Police Department conducted a civil stand-by for child exchange. The child exchange was completed without incident.

Location: US 64/MOUNTAIN VIEW BLVD COMP – Service Completed

07/16/2018 18:39:00   18-000418       Disturbance

Angel Fire Police Department responded to a disturbance involving an unruly person at the business. The officer responded and contacted the reporting party who advised a known local female inebriate attempted to purchase alcohol while obviously intoxicated. The subject was refused service due to her intoxicated state and went on a profanity laced tirade. The reporting party requested the subject be trespassed. A check of the area revealed negative contact with the subject. The reporting party was advised to re-contact the police at any time the subject returned to the business to be trespassed.

Location: 3373 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL      UTL – Unable to Locate

07/16/2018 21:20:00   18-000419       Residential Alarm

Angel Fire Police Department responded to an audible residential burglary alarm. The officer arrived in the area and was unable to locate any audible alarm in the area. A check of the surrounding area revealed no audible alarm as well.

Location: 500 BLK EL CAMINO REAL       UTL – Unable to Locate

07/19/2018 02:55:11   18-000420       Suspicious Activity

Reporting party heard knocking on his bedroom window and stated this has been happening since the spring of this year. Checked grounds but did not locate anything or anyone. No report.

Location: 13 MOUNTAIN LAKE WY         GOA – Gone on Arrival

07/19/2018 11:01:00   18-000421       Property Accident

Angel Fire Police responded to a vehicle versus deer accident in the 3200 block of Mountain View Blvd. There was very minor damage caused to the vehicle. Male deer had to be euthanized. State accident report #30231428 completed.

Location: 3200 BLK MOUNTAIN VIEW BL    RPT – Report Taken

07/19/2018 14:20:10   18-000422       Property Accident

A vehicle travelling south bound on Mountain View Blvd. struck a deer that attempted to cross the roadway. Minor damage to the vehicle. Deer was deceased and removed by D.O.T. State Accident Report #30231429 completed.

Location: 3200 BLK MOUNTAIN VIEW BL RPT – Report Taken

07/19/2018 19:08:15   18-000423      Animal Complaint

Reporting party complained about nuisance bear in her yard. She also called New Mexico Game and Fish. Informed her we will wait for NMGF to resolve the problem. No report.

Location: 36 VIA CONTENTA       NOREP – No Report Taken

07/20/2018 10:45:00   18-000424       Suspicious Vehicle

Angel Fire Police Department responded to the report of a suspicious vehicle / person parked at Mountain Meadows. Reporting party stated older female appeared to be disheveled and confused. Upon arrival vehicle was located but no subject. Area was searched and officer unable to locate anybody. Information will be passed on and frequent checks made.

Location: 20 S ANGEL FIRE RD    NOREP – No Report Taken

07/20/2018 18:30:00   18-000425       Informational

Angel Fire Police Department responded to a complaint of a bright exterior light projecting across the meadow during the evening hours. The officer will conduct a drive thru of the area during darkness to see if some resolution can be found.

Location: 26 VISTA DEL SUR       NOREP – No Report Taken

07/21/2018 02:11:00   18-000426       Suspicious Incident

Angel Fire Police Department responded to suspicious event where the homeowner advised someone was knocking on his windows. The officer responded and checked the area of the residence and surrounding areas and had negative contact with any subjects. Some area residences were lit but no activity was observed. Unfounded.

Location: 13 MOUNTAIN LAKE WY         UNF – Unfounded

07/21/2018 03:08:00   18-000427       Disturbance

Angel Fire Police Department responded to a disturbance. Several subjects departing the area on foot. The officer made contact with the resident who confirmed he had a small gathering but the subjects had left. The resident was just going to bed as the officer contacted him.

Location: 33 ELLIOTT BARKER RD  # 2

07/21/2018 22:07:00   18-000428       Suspicious Vehicle

Angel Fire Police Department responded to a suspicious vehicle near the entrance to Camp Elliott Barker. The officer responded and located a black 4D Toyota PC. The two (2) female occupants were employees of Camp Elliott Barker and were just sitting and talking off grounds. Dispatch was advised to re-contact the reporting party and advise them. No Report.

Location: WESTRIDGE ROAD      COMP – Service Completed

07/22/2018 08:00:39   18-000429       Assault

Report of assault. Subject reported an altercation at Kit Carson Park in Taos. Informed subject that this was not in my jurisdiction and he would have to report said activity to the proper authorities. No report.

Location: 3365 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL      NOREP – No Report Taken

07/22/2018 09:00:11   18-000430       Suspicious Activity

Suspicious activity. Unfounded.

Location: 13 MOUNTAIN LAKE   UNF – Unfounded

07/22/2018 09:06:52   18-000431       911 Call

Medical call for alcohol poisoning. No Report Taken Med call only.

Location: 28 SIERRA BLANCA CR NOREP – No report.

07/22/2018 16:15:00   18-000433       Narcotics

Angel Fire Police Department responded to a narcotics (marijuana and paraphernalia) violation found by a property manager at an employee rental unit. The property manager found the items on an unannounced walk through. The subject voluntarily gave up the contraband items which were taken and will be placed into evidence for destruction.

Location: 3412 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL  # 1 RPT – Report Taken