Angel Fire Police Blotter: July 23-29

07/23/2018 08:13:00   18-000434       Assist Other Agency

Angel Fire Police Department met with an individual in regards an investigation being conducted by another law enforcement agency. Report will be written and forwarded to that agency.

Location: 3431 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL      RPT – Report Taken

07/23/2018 10:34:00   18-000435       Property Accident

Angel Fire Police Department responded to a two vehicle non-injury accident in the 3400 block of Mountain View Blvd. One vehicle attempted a U-turn and was struck by a south bound vehicle. State Accident Report #30231430 completed.

Location: MOUNTAIN VIEW BL AT FLAMINGO RD           RPT – Report Taken

07/23/2018 14:33:08   18-000436       Trespassing

Angel Fire Police Department responded to the report of criminal trespass. Upon arrival Officer located female subject that had previously trespassed. Subject was arrested without incident.

Location: 3381 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL      ARR – Subject Arrested

07/23/2018 16:39:00   18-000437       Private Property Accident

Angel Fire Police Department responded to a Private Property crash. Information was exchanged between the operators and advised to contact their respective insurance carriers.

Location: 3373 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL      NOREP – No Report Taken

07/23/2018 17:00:00   18-000438       Private Property Accident

The Angel Fire Police Department responded to a Private Property crash involving a Village of Angel Fire vehicle. Due to the crash involving a Village of Angel Fire vehicle a State Crash Report was accomplished.

Location: 11 N ANGEL FIRE RD   RPT – Report Taken

07/24/2018 08:42:00   18-000439       Domestic

Angel Fire Police Department responded to a 911 hang-up domestic. Victim had left the area and had to be tracked down. Victim was eventually located. Lack of evidence resulted in no criminal charges being filed.

Location: 33 ELLIOTT BARKER RD  # 8     NOREP – No Report Taken

07/24/2018 16:00:00   18-000440       Domestic

Angel Fire Police Department received an E-Mail from Sgt. J. Montoya/CCSO in reference to a domestic that occurred late Saturday or early Sunday morning. The officer attempted to contact the victim several times throughout the shift. The officer will attempt to contact victim upon return from RDO. A report will generated to document the incident once contact is made with victim and interviews with the involved parties conducted.

Location: 44 MAMMOTH MOUNTAIN RD           RPT – Report

07/24/2018 23:00:00   18-000441       Disturbance

Angel Fire Police Department responded to a disturbance of a possible party or someone yelling. The officer responded and was unable to locate a party or somebody yelling in the area of the last house on the left on Cochiti Trail. The officer checked the area of Cochiti Circle and again met with negative results. The officer circled the area and remained at the intersection of Cochiti Trail and Cochiti Circle for several minutes and again heard no disturbance. The residence on the SE corner of the intersection was well lit with 3 vehicles in the driveway but n movement nor noise was evident.

Location: COCHITI TRAIL UTL – Unable to Locate

07/26/2018 18:09:51   18-000442       Welfare Check

Request for welfare check on aircraft. Located said aircraft at Colfax County Airport. A check of the aircraft number confirmed plane had landed safely.  No report.

Location: 3570 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL      NOREP – No Report Taken

07/28/2018 09:44:46   18-000443       Escaped Prisoner

Report of runaway from Eagle Nest Reintegration Center. Missing subject last seen at Blinking Light. Hoody, jeans and white sneakers. Patrolled Angel Fire area and Hwy 64 but unable to locate. No report.

Location: 3600 MOUNTAIN VIEW           UTL – Unable to Locate

07/28/2018 14:07:36   18-000444       Noise Complaint

Loud noise complaint. Located two females skate boarding and listening to music. The music was not of a volume to be unreasonable at that time. Returned a call to the reporting person and advised the noise did not rise to the level of a violation. No report.

Location: 44 SAGE LN    NOREP – No Report Taken

07/28/2018 15:52:55   18-000445       Informational

Inappropriate contact of a minor. Report taken. INFO – Informational Report

Location: 3521 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL      Report taken