Angel Fire Police Blotter: July 30–Aug. 5, 2018

07/30/2018 03:35:00 18-000446 Breaking and Entering

Angel Fire Police Department responded to a possible Breaking and Entering. The officer arrived and found the residence and all glass secure. The reporting party gave the access code and an interior sweep was conducted and appeared to be in order. The reporting party advised at approximately 2230 hours and male and female were observed attempting to gain access by the front door. The reporting party advised the female covered the camera on the RING system. The power was off to the residence and the breakers as well as the main appeared to be in the on position. The reporting party is to arrive in the area this date and will be re-contacted.

Location: 43 ALTA RD Location: 43 ALTA RD UNF – Unfounded

07/30/2018 07:20:00 18-000447 Burglary

Angel Fire Police Department responded to a cold burglary report. Persons forced entry into a building and several items were stolen. Case is under investigation.

Location: 10 MILLER LN RPT – Report Taken

07/31/2018 12:48:44 18-000448 Burglary

Angel Fire Police responded to a report of a burglary in progress. Officers located subjects and arrested them.

Location: 35 ALTA RD ARR – Subject Arrested

07/31/2018 14:45:00 18-000449 Informational

Angel Fire Police Department responded to a report of property damage. The officer responded can contacted the RP who discovered a tempered glass door was shattered. The RP advised she could not locate nothing on the camera system as to when or who caused the damage. An inspection of the left tempered glass door indicated an impact point in the lower right quadrant. No evidence of any type of projectile or blunt object use was evident.

Location: 3379 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL # A2 NOREP – No Report Taken

08/02/2018 00:42:01 18-000450 Business Alarm

Alarm. Alarm was activated by employee.

Location: 11 HALO PINES TC FAL – False Alarm

08/02/2018 22:10:02 18-000451 Illegal Fireworks

Fireworks at the intersection of Lake View Park Dr. and Calle De Los Indios. Patrolled area but no contact.

Location: CALLE DE LOS INDIOS UTL – Unable to Locate

08/03/2018 08:15:00 18-000452 Suspicious Vehicle

Angel Fire Police Department responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle parked on Via Del Rey. Officer was able to locate the vehicle parked in a pull out along Via Del Rey. Officer was unable to locate any person associated with the vehicle. Vehicle out of Colorado did not come back stolen. No Report

Location: 192 VIA DEL REY NOREP – No Report Taken

08/03/2018 18:16:00 18-000453 Suspicious Person

The Angel Fire Police Department responded to a suspicious person. The officer contacted the RP who advised the subject was looking through tires in the rear of the business. The officer contacted the subject, who was a tenant of a storage unit. The RP advised the subject of the parameters of the limits of the property. No report.

Location: 23 AGUA RD NOREP – No Report Taken

08/05/2018 23:04:00 18-000454 Disturbance

Angel Fire Police Department responded to a report of a loud party in the B building. Upon arrival in the area the officer was unable to locate any party in the area of the B building. A window was open on the C building a personal sound system could be heard. The volume was not extremely loud. The officer made contact and the subject advised they would lower the volume.

Location: 3381 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL UNF – Unfounded