Angel Fire Police Blotter: July 9-15

07/09/2018 09:22:13   18-000394       Cattle Out

Angel Fire Police responded to a report of cattle out. Officer located the cattle and determined they were not posing a hazard to traffic or people. Officer will notify the owner and the State Brand Inspector.            NOREP – No Report Taken

Location: EL CAMINO REAL        NOREP – No Report Taken

07/09/2018 09:27:30   18-000395       Shots Fired

Angel Fire Police responded to a report of a single shot fired. Officer contacted an electrical company crew in the area to see if they had heard the shot. They informed the Officer that they blew a transformer and that was the loud noise sounding like a shot.

Location: 192 VIA DEL RAY         UNF – Unfounded

07/09/2018 15:30:00   18-000396       Fraud

Angel Fire Police spoke with a walk-in subject of possible fraud involving an elderly female. The officer spoke with the reporting party who advised an elderly female subject was paying a lottery service to pick numbers for her, The reporting party advised the elderly female appears to have mental health issues. It appears there is no criminal act involving services, the alleged victim is receiving services paid for in the form of lottery numbers to be picked. The officer made contact with family members who are going to contact a family member with Power Of Attorney to cease the transaction.

Location: 3465 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL  # 4 NOREP – No Report Taken

07/09/2018 20:30:00   18-000397       DWI

Angel Fire Police responded to a possible intoxicated driver. The reporting party advised the vehicle, a gray in color Nissan Altima displaying 8565NG unknown state, was SB from US 64 on Mountain View Blvd and was unable to maintain speed or lane. The officer arrived in the area and was unable to locate the vehicle in the business area in the 3300 block, the Resort area, and to the South Village limits.

Location: US 64 EB        UTL – Unable to Locate

07/09/2018 21:10:00   18-000398       Assist Other Agency

Angel Fire Police assisted the Angel Fire Fire Department with a large bonfire. Upon arrival the officer was unable to locate a large bonfire. Contact was made with the residence South of 285 by the AFFD who found a metal fire pit was in use. The subjects were advised of the Burn Ban and extinguished the fire. Service Completed

Location: 285 EL CAMINA REAL  COMP – Service Completed

07/10/2018 13:50:00   18-000399       Suspicious Person

Angel Fire Police responded to Olympic Park on the report of a suspicious person. Officer made contact with the subject and learned that he is a construction worker doing work on the tennis courts. No criminal activity to report. No report.

Location: OLYMIC PARK UNF – Unfounded

07/10/2018 21:31:24   18-000400       Suspicious Activity

Angel Fire Police received a report of someone knocking on a residence door in the early hours of the morning. Resident reported that between 3 and 6:00 a.m. person or persons unknown have been knocking on his door. Sometimes for the whole 3 hour time period. Officer advised the resident to call 911 the next time it happened and Officer(s) would respond.

Location: 13 MOUNTAIN LAKE WY         NOREP – No Report Taken

07/10/2018 22:01:44   18-000401,      Welfare Check

Angel Fire Police was requested to conduct a welfare check on children playing in a construction zone. Officer arrived on scene and no children were present. Officer knew who the children were and went to their residence and spoke with their Grandmother. The Grandmother stated she would speak with the children.

Location: 37 BROADMOOR WY  COMP – Service Completed

07/11/2018 05:11:00   18-000402       Suspicious Incident

Angel Fire Police responded to a report of a suspicious incident at a residence on Mountain Lake Way. Reporting party stated that someone was knocking on his front door. Reporting party stated that this has been going on for several days now where someone knocks on his door between the hours of 03:00 – 06:00. Officer checked video recording from a camera and observed no suspicious activity. Officer also checked the area and found no suspicious persons. No Report.

Location: 13 MOUNTAIN LAKE WY         UNF – Unfounded

07/11/2018 10:00:39   18-000403       Informational  

Employment background investigation Angel Fire Police Department requesting background information on employment applicants.

Location: 3465 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL      COMP – Service Completed

07/11/2018 22:45:35   18-000404       Drag Racing

Vehicles racing. A black Dodge Charger and green Audi seen racing in the Jackson Hole area. Patrolled but did not locate suspect vehicles.

Location: JACKSON HOLE RD      UTL – Unable to Locate

07/11/2018 22:52:03   18-000405       Harassment

Harassment from neighbor. Neighbors involved in verbal dispute. Instructed parties to remain in their homes and not make contact with one another. No report.

Location: 28 ASPEN ST   NOREP – No Report Taken

07/11/2018 22:58:56   18-000406       Suspicious Person

Suspicious persons at home. Reporting party says two (2) males came to her door looking for a condo to rent. Reporting party does not believe this was true and subjects were looking for a home to burglarize. Patrolled the area.

Location: 120 N PANARAMA      GOA – Gone on Arrival

07/11/2018 23:09:38   18-000407       Suspicious Activity

Burglary call. Reporting party observed two (2) subjects attempting to break in to apartment C4 through a rear window. I did observed bent screens in that area. I did make contact with occupant of C4 and she states the parties were likely family members and this was not a break in. No report.

Location: 3381 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL      GOA – Gone on Arrival

07/12/2018 17:12:39   18-000408       Animal Complaint

Injured fawn. Took possession of animal then euthanized it. No report.

Location: SPYGLASS HILL           NOREP – No Report Taken

07/12/2018 22:13:57   18-000409       Residential Alarm

Alarm. Renters set off alarm. Alarm reset.

Location: 195 BACK BASIN RD    FAL – False Alarm

07/12/2018 22:17:24   18-000410       Residential Alarm

Home alarm. Checked residence. All doors secured.

Location: 14 ACOMA     FAL – False Alarm

07/12/2018 22:21:54   18-000411       Disturbance

Disturbance call. Reporting party heard female voice screaming from across the Elk Horn lodge. Reporting party things the subject was somewhere in the Plaza Del Sol area. I searched the area and did not see or hear anything unusual. After leaving the reporting party reported the same activity and I returned. Stayed in the area for approximately 30 minutes and did not hear anything unusual. No report.

Location: 34 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL          UTL – Unable to Locate

07/13/2018 20:17:00   18-000412       Suspicious Activity

Angel Fire Police responded to suspicious activity. The officer responded and contacted a couple who were watching the sunset while occupying a vehicle. The vehicle was in the open and no illegal activity was evident.

Location: END OF BUCKSKIN RD COMP – Service Completed

07/14/2018 14:38:26   18-000413       Injury Accident

Subject struck by a vehicle while on a job sight. Subject was struck by a work vehicle while on a job sight in Angel Fire. Report taken.

Location: UNKNOWN    INFO – Informational Report

07/14/2018 15:29:10   18-000414       Shots Fired

Shots fired call. Shots fired…patrolled area. Nothing found.

Location: 52 SANTO DOMINGO  UTL – Unable to Locate

07/14/2018 18:20:00   18-000415       Close Patrol

The Angel Fire Police Department was requested to conduct a close patrol on a local business due to persons making the owner “uncomfortable”. The officer will conduct periodic checks of the business.

Location: 3453 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL      NOREP – No Report Taken