Angel Fire Police Blotter: June 26 – July 2, 2017

06/26/2017 10:31:28    17-000303           Informational

Angel Fire Police Department was contacted in regards to harassment via cell phone. RP reported she received a phone call from a party who she used to work with and was fearful for her safety. Officer will make contact with the party that phoned her and inform that if there is more contact charges will be filed.

Location: 3 COB COUNTY RD 23  INFO – Informational Report

06/26/2017 22:45:00    17-000304          Narcotics

Angel Fire Police Department responded to a location in the area of Alta Rd and Valley Rd on a noise complaint. Source of noise was found to be several young people parked in a cul-de-sac playing loud music. Contact resulted in an 18 year old male charged with possession of less than one ounce of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Location: ALTA RD AND VALLEY RD              ARR – Subject Arrested

06/27/2017 13:30:00      17-000305         Trespass Notice

Angel Fire Police Department received a request for a criminal trespass notification. The subject to be warned is a juvenile and the warning will be issued to the legal parent.

Location: 3381 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL         RPT – Report Taken

06/27/2017 11:30:00    17-000306           Fingerprints

Subject came into the AFPD for fingerprint for background check.

Location: 3465 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL # C1 COMP – Service Completed

06/27/2017 13:20:00    17-000307           Assault

Angel Fire Police Department received a report of an ASSAULT and DISORDERLY CONDUCT from a known subject. The reporting party is requesting a police report, follow up investigation and criminal charges filed. The investigation has now begun.

Location: 3381 MOUNTAIN VIEW   # C1    RPT – Report Taken

06/28/2017 13:30:00    17-000308           Criminal Damage

Angel Fire Police Department responded to a report of criminal damage at the Angel Fire Community Center. Two village vehicles were damaged when someone cut the fuel fill up hoses in order to siphon the fuel from the fuel tanks. Estimated amount of damage is $150 and loss of fuel is approximately $100.

Location: 15 CS RANCH RD             RPT – Report Taken

06/28/2017 15:00:00    17-000309           Informational

Angel Fire Police Department received a request for advice regarding juvenile behavior. The reporting party was advised that there is no prosecutable offense and that he should seek outside sources for counseling for his family.

Location: 3465 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL         

06/28/2017 20:00:00    17-000310           Shots Fired

Angel Fire Police Department received a report of a subject shooting a gun in the village limits. The subject was confronted and identified however an offense did not occur in view. The subject was shooting a pellet gun and the subject was advised of the village ordinance.

The subject was released with a warning. 

Location: 20 S ANGEL FIRE RD      COMP – Service Completed

06/29/2017 00:15:00    17-000311           Property Accident

Angel Fire Police Department received a report of a motor vehicle accident. Upon arrival, the driver reported that they swerved to miss a deer and collided into the guard rail. 


06/30/2017 09:00:00    17-000312           Criminal Damage

Angel Fire Police Department received a report of CRIMINAL DAMAGE to village property. The doorway to the pump station was damaged and illegal entry was made. There is no report of theft or a furtherance of criminal damage. A report will be written.

Location: VIA DEL REY      RPT – Report Taken

06/30/2017 11:00:00    17-000313           Welfare Check

Angel Fire Police Department received a request for a welfare check of subjects living in the village. The subjects were not located.  A business card was left in the door requesting a phone call. It is important to note that the actual address of the subjects is not confirmed. 

Location: COUNTRY CLUB DRIVE       COMP – Service Completed

06/30/2017 23:14:36     17-000314          Harassment

Angel Fire Police received a call from NM State Police in reference to a female driver being run off the road in Taos Canyon and followed to a business in Angel Fire. Made contact with the RP and she related that while driving through Taos Canyon a gray in color Ford F150 was driving aggressively and ran her and two other cars off the road.  The vehicle slowed down and the RP passed throwing a rock and striking the Ford.  The Ford then followed the RP to Moreno Valley Sheet Metal and left after the RP told the driver she called the police. Unable to locate the Ford.

Location: 20 AGUA FRIA RD      UTL – Unable to Locate

06/30/2017 23:33:35    17-000315           911 Call

Angel Fire Police responded to a report of a 911 hang up. Taos Dispatch notified officer of a 911 hang up.  When dispatch called the number back the line was busy.  Upon arrival at the residence there were no lights on.  Officer knocked on the door three times hard and long with no response from inside.  The house appeared to be vacant for some time.  Negative contact.

Location: 84 VALLE GRANDE N.   UNF – Unfounded

07/01/2017 17:40:55    17-000316           Traffic Contact

Angel Fire Police observed a Polaris ATV operating on Mountain View Blvd then observed a Polaris ATV stopped on MVB operated by a 16 year old male with 5 juveniles in the vehicle.  Officer escorted the vehicle to the children’s residence and spoke with the grandfather and informed him of NM laws concerning ATVs, drivers and occupants. Issued a verbal warning.

Location: 3420 MOUNTAIN VIEW BLVD   VER – Verbal Only

07/01/2017 17:57:24    17-000317           911 Call

Angel Fire Police responded to two open line 911 calls at The Lodge, Angel Fire Resort. Officer responded to The Lodge to investigate two open line 911 calls.  The front desk wasn’t aware of any 911 calls and security was not on the property.  Officer walked several hallways with no obvious signs of anyone in distress.  Officer asked the front desk to advise security of the situation and departed.

Location: 10 MILLER LANE              UTL – Unable to Locate

07/01/2017 20:14:04    17-000318           Informational

Angel Fire Police received a report of fireworks in the vicinity of Golf View Terrace. RP reported the sound of fireworks in the vicinity of Golf view Terrace and Columbine. Officer proceeded to the area and spoke with residents in the area, but was unable to locate the source of the fireworks.  Officer will continue to monitor the area for the remainder of the shift.

Location: GOLFVIEW TC UTL – Unable to Locate

07/01/2017 22:01:10    17-000319           Shots Fired

Angel Fire Police received a report of gunfire in the vicinity of Lake View Park Drive. Officer proceeded to Lakeview Park Drive and did not encounter any vehicles and did not hear any gunshots. RP reported a white pickup truck, but couldn’t tell the make. Unable to locate.

Location: 54 LAKEVIEW PARK DR                 UTL – Unable to Locate

07/02/2017 06:20:00    17-000320       Welfare Check

Angel Fire Police conducted a welfare check at 19 Sarazen Terrace. Officer was hailed by the RP who asked for a welfare check of his neighbor.  Upon arrival at 19 Sarazen Terrace, Officer approached the residence and could hear the TV on and the door was open.  Officer announced himself and stepped inside to see male subject on the ground. Officer rubbed subject’s back and asked if he was alright and he opened his eyes, but did not speak.  Officer called dispatch for EMS and stood by.  EMS transported subject to Holy Cross Hospital in Taos.

Location: 19 SAREZEN TC                 COMP – Service Completed

07/02/2017 14:20:00    17-000321           Juvenile Problem

Angel Fire Police Department responded to a residence in the 3300 block of Mountain View Blvd in reference to a battery. Investigation shows that two thirteen year old males got into a physical fight. Report will be completed and submitted to the Juvenile Probation Office in Raton for disposition.

Location: 3381 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL  # C4                RPT – Report Taken

07/02/2017 15:38:00    17-000322           Trespassing

Angel Fire Police observed a violation of a trespass order at the Angel Skye Apartments. Observed violation resulted in a 31 year old male being arrested and charged with criminal trespass and possession of less than one ounce of marijuana.

Location: 3381 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL          ARR – Subject Arrested

07/02/2017 16:00:00    17-000323           Vehicle Complaint

Angel Fire Police responded to a report of motorcycles riding in the area. Officer proceeded to Via Del Rey and San Andreas Drive and drove the roads with had no contact of any motorcycles.

Location: VIA DEL REY      UTL – Unable to Locate

07/02/2017 21:53:01    17-000324           Welfare Check

Angel Fire Police responded to a report of a swimmer in distress in Monte Verde Lake. Upon arrival at Monte Verde Lake Officer met with Fire Chief. Investigation revealed that a male teen swam across the lake and was showing signs of distress. The male was seen exiting the lake and left the area with his parents. No contact was made.

Location: 31 LAKEVIEW PARK DR                 GOA – Gone on Arrival