Angel Fire Police Blotter: Nov.2-8, 2015

Police_shutterstock_164514401SMCourtesy Police Chief Brad McCaslin

11/02/2015 23:10:00    15-000480           Assist Other Agency

Angel Fire Police Department was detailed to a residence on Agua Lane to assist the Colfax County Sheriff’s Office with a motor vehicle accident that occurred on US 64.

Location: 12 AGUA           ARR – Subject Arrested See report.

11/03/2015 09:30:00    15-000481           Assault

Angel Fire Police Department dispatched to a fight at a business on Halo Pines Terrace. Investigation showed that a male subject confronted another male in reference to an earlier situation. The male subject then punched the other male and a fight broke out. Male subject left the area prior to officer arrival. Subject contacted later and issued a non-traffic citation for battery.

Location: 27 HALO PINES TC         CIT – Citation Issued

11/03/2015 15:00:00    15-000482           Civil Standby

Angel Fire Police were requested to do a civil standby at a residence on Halo Pines Terrace. Civil standby was completed without any issues. No report.

Location: 63 HALO PINES TC         COMP – Service Completed

11/03/2015 20:15:00    15-000483           Assist Other Agency

Angel Fire Police Department assisted Colfax County Sheriff’s Office to follow up following a crash the night before. A juvenile present at the residence was found with marijuana and a bowl near him. His mother came to pick him up. The contraband was seized and shall be destroyed.

Location: 33 ELLIOTT BARKER LN  # 2         COMP – Service Completed

11/05/2015 08:06:59    15-000484           Juvenile Problem

Angel Fire Police were notified of a problem involving a male juvenile at the Moreno Valley High School. Student became unruly when he was told he was being suspended from school and to leave the campus. Student was taken to the police department and contact was made with his grandmother who came and picked him up.

Location: 3465 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL         INFO – Informational Report

11/06/2015 13:00:00    15-000485           Alarm

Angel Fire Police Department was dispatched to a residential alarm. The alarm company called Red River Dispatch to cancel the alarm.  The homeowner activated the alarm by accident.

Location: 503 EL CAMINO REAL  COMP – Service Completed

11/08/2015 08:15:00    15-000486           Alarm

Angel Fire Police Department received a report of an audible alarm at a local business. The building was found to be secure and no criminal offense discovered.  The alarm appears to have malfunctioned.             FAL – False Alarm

Location: 3375 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL  # A/B.   FAL – False Alarm