Angel Fire Police Blotter: Nov. 27 – Dec. 24, 2017

11/27/2017 13:42:00 17-000648 Drunk Person

The Angel Fire Police Department received a report of an INTOXICATED SUBJECT near the golf course. Upon arrival, a search for the subject was conducted but the subject was not found.

Location: COUNTRY CLUB DRIVE COMP – Service Completed

11/27/2017 15:45:00 17-000651 Theft

Suspect stole a bottle of vodka. While fleeing subject struck two glass doors at Mini-mart. Subject arrested for shoplifting. During arrest officers made aware of mental health issues. EMS called and suspect taken to Holy Cross for Mental evaluation.

Location: 3394 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL RPT – Report Taken

11/27/2017 16:00:00 17-000652 Community Policing Activity

Angel Fire Police Department received a request for a security check in a local building. A security check was completed and a plan of action will be developed. No offense.

Location: 56 CAMINO GRANDE COMP – Service Completed

11/27/2017 16:15:00 17-000650 Driving Test

Officer conducted a road test on a female juvenile subject. The juvenile successfully passed the road test without incident. NM MVD Road Test Score Record accomplished and given to operator.

Location: 3465 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL COMP – Service Completed

11/27/2017 18:06:00 17-000653 Property Accident

Officer responded to a vehicle versus deer roadway crash without injuries. The driver’s vehicle sustained slight damage consisting of a scuff on the RF quarter panel. The driver declined a report and wanted law enforcement to be aware of the crash. The deer could not be located.

Location: 3400 BLK MOUNTAIN VIEW BOULEVARD NOREP – No Report Taken

11/27/2017 20:40:00 17-000654 Welfare Check

Officer was dispatched to a speak to officer in reference to a welfare check on a male subject who had not been seen since 1630 hours this date. Officer responded to subject’s residence and was unable to contact him. Both of the subject’s modes of transportation were parked in front of the residence. Looking through the window on the front door everything inside appeared to be in order as well as an empty chip bag laying outside the front door. The RP was contacted via landline and advised.

Location: 14 MAMMOTH MOUNTAIN RD # #7 UTL – Unable to Locate

11/28/2017 12:15:00 17-000655 Property Accident

Angel Fire Police Department received a report of a single motor vehicle accident. The driver was uninjured and the vehicle suffered minimal damage. A state accident form will be completed.


11/30/2017 08:07:11 17-000656 Driving Test

Angel Fire Police Department conducted a driver’s test. Officer administered a driver’s test. Applicant successfully passed the test.

Location: 3465 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL COMP – Service Completed

11/30/2017 14:03:09 17-000657 Civil Process

Angel Fire Police Department served a Notice to Appear. Officer served a Notice to appear to an individual who failed to make their court appearance.

Location: 3373 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL COMP – Service Completed

11/30/2017 14:12:18 17-000658 Civil Standby

Angel Fire Police Department conducted a civil standby. Officer provided a civil standby for a property management company due to concerns over an evicted renter.

Location: 83 N ANGEL FIRE RD # 40 COMP – Service Completed

12/01/2017 12:42:17 17-000659 Fingerprints

Subject came into the Angel Fire Police Department requesting fingerprinting service. Fingerprinting service was provided.

Location: 3465 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL COMP – Service Completed

12/11/2017 10:50:00 17-000669 Property Accident

The Angel Fire Police Department received a report of a two car motor vehicle accident. No injuries were reported. State accident form number 23390065 has been generated for this incident.

Location: LUNA DRIVE RPT – Report Taken

12/11/2017 16:13:00 17-000670 Community Policing Activity

Officer spoke with the owner in reference to an out of town citizen complaining about the staff over serving alcohol to patrons. The officer spoke with the owner in reference to a complaint about over serving alcohol. The owner was advised increased bar checks would be conducted by law enforcement during the evening hours.. Additionally the owner was advised of the administrative sanctions that could occur if an employee was cited for over serving. The owner advised he would address the issue with his employees to ensure compliance.

Location: 3431 MOUNTAIN VEW BL COMP – Service Completed

12/11/2017 22:50:00 17-000671 Suspicious Vehicle

While on routine patrol the officer located a suspicious vehicle which was unattended. The vehicle a red in color Nissan Pathfinder displaying a NM license plate was parked on the side of the roadway on Vermejo Circle just S of Vermejo Drive. The vehicle had considerable body damage and a tow chain hanging from the spare tire. The vehicle’s owner was identified. The officer attempted to locate the operator but met with negative results.

Location: VERMEJO CIR/VERMEJO DR COMP – Service Completed

12/12/2017 20:20:32 17-000672 911 Call

Male psychiatric patient became violent and damaged home interior. Subject was calm upon arrival and stated he was not feeling well. Called EMS and subject was transported to Taos Holy Cross for treatment. Reporting party did not wish to press charges.

Location: 106 HALO PINES TC RPT – Report Taken No charges filed.

12/13/2017 09:51:53 17-000673 Residential Alarm

Angel Fire Police Department responded to a residential alarm activation. Officer made contact with contractors present to repair a leak in the home. Officer spoke with their employer and while on the phone the owner remotely turned off the alarm.

Location: 190 BACK BASIN RD COMP – Service Completed

12/14/2017 14:34:49 17-000674 Residential Alarm

Angel Fire Police Department responded to a residential alarm activation. Officer was met by female hired to do home care for the owner who stated she had entered the alarm code in incorrectly. Alarm was off upon Officer’s arrival. No apparent criminal offense, Officer cleared the scene.

Location: 46 LAKEVIEW PARK DR COMP – Service Completed

12/15/2017 11:44:51 17-000675 Animal Complaint

Angel Fire Police responded to a barking dog complaint. Officer made contact with the subject of the complaint and advised that a complaint had been made. Subject stated the dogs didn’t bark often and only when animals or people walked by. Officer observed that the dogs weren’t barking upon arrival and only for a brief moment after the officer exited his vehicle.

Location: 39 CIMARRON TR COMP – Service Completed

12/15/2017 18:39:29 17-000676 Trespass Notice

Trespassing notice. Located two (2) subjects in a canoe on Monte Verde Lake. Advised them the lake was closed and to exit the property. Observed both subjects pull boat out of water and leave.

Location: 3200 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL VER – Verbal Only

12/16/2017 00:08:20 17-000677 Larceny

Larceny of coin operated washers and dryers. Spoke to suspect about using unauthorized key to gain access to washer and dryers to do laundry. Suspect admitted to borrowing one from a friend. Manager will contact officer later to pursue issue or not.

Location: 3381 MOUNTAIN VEIW BL COMP – Service Completed

12/16/2017 13:17:24 17-000678 Informational

Angel Fire Police was requested to call an RP about comments made to her daughter. Officer made contact with RP on second attempt. RP had already spoken to an officer about the situation. No offense was committed and no report taken.

Location: 3381 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL # D6 NOREP – No Report Taken

12/16/2017 15:13:05 17-000679 Informational

Angel Fire Police responded to a residence at the owners request to ensure it was secure. Officer conducted a check of the residence. All was secure with the exception of the
garage walk through door and all appeared in order. Officer made contact with the RP and at the RP’s request the Officer locked the garage walk through door.

Location: 16 SAN FRANSICO TC COMP – Service Completed

12/16/2017 16:35:50 17-000680 Larceny

Larceny report at C11 Inn at Angel Fire. Initial report was of larceny. Upon investigation it was revealed this was a roommate issue between Angel Fire Report employees. One employee was terminated and evicted. The terminated person’s property was secured by Resort security and removed from room. No report.

Location: 3469 MOUNTAIN VEIW BL NOREP – No Report Taken

12/17/2017 14:00:08 17-000681 Drunk Person

Angel Fire Police responded to a report of highly intoxicated individual in the parking lot of the Post Office. Officer responded to the parking lot of the Post Office, but was unable to locate anyone meeting the description of the individual. A check of vehicles in the parking lot didn’t show any damage consistent with theft. Contact with the RP was made via cell phone who stated the individual was picked up by someone in a newer blue Chevrolet Silverado. No report taken.

Location: 3469 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL UTL – Unable to Locate

12/17/2017 18:25:00 17-000682 Domestic

RP and his girlfriend of 3 years were involved in a verbal domestic dispute over transportation to a family function. Both parties appeared to be moderately intoxicated and continued to argue. The female agreed to leave for the evening and was transported to another residence by the officer. The RP was advised how to legally have his girlfriend removed from the residence. The female was advised to contact LE at a later time to remove her belongings via civil stand-by.

Location: 30 AGUA RD # B VER – Verbal Only

12/18/2017 11:40:00 17-000683 Residential Alarm

Angel Fire Police Department received a report of a residential alarm with no key holder in route. Upon arrival, the residence was found to be secure. A business card was left in the door for the owner and the owner called to report that he had made an error on the alarm. There is no offense.

Location: 139 TAOS DR COMP – Service Completed

12/19/2017 08:34:54 17-000684 Suspicious Activity

Angel Fire Police responded to a report of suspicious activity. RP reported a yellow Penske rental truck in which the driver was wearing a full ski mask and thought it unusual. Officer conducted a search of Angel Fire and was unable to locate the vehicle.

Location: MOUNTAIN VIEW BL UTL – Unable to Locate

12/19/2017 09:21:35 17-000685 Driving Test

Angel Fire Police administered a driver’s test. Driver successfully completed road test.

Location: 3465 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL COMP – Service Completed

12/19/2017 20:38:03 17-000686 Suspicious Activity

Suspicious activity. Homeowner called about suspicious vehicles around his home. Remote video viewing. Checked all doors and area was secure. Spoke with neighbor then cleared area. Returned call to homeowner detailing my investigation. No report.

Location: 42 PERALTA DR NOREP – No Report Taken

12/19/2017 23:00:53 17-000687 Noise Complaint

Noise complaint. Complaint of loud party at #4. Arrived and gave verbal warning. Returned to office and another report from same RP about noise at same condo. Cited renter for loud party. Report taken.

Location: 59 N ANGEL FIRE RD RPT – Report Taken

12/20/2017 09:55:00 17-000688 Suspicious Activity

The Angel Fire Police Department received a report of suspicious activity at a water tank owned by the village. Upon arrival, the subject involved were not found and it is not determined if an offense had occurred

Location: VERDE OVERLOOK COMP – Service Completed

12/22/2017 00:33:19 17-000689 Suspicious Activity

Suspicious activity at residence. Cleared area. Fresh snow on ground indicating no activity. No report.

Location: 16 SAN FRANSICO TC NOREP – No Report Taken

12/22/2017 11:52:24 17-000690 Abandoned Vehicle

Angel Fire Police responded to a report of an abandoned vehicle. Officer arrived, inspected vehicle and called for a tow truck. While inventorying the vehicle a friend of the owner of the vehicle stated he would take care of the vehicle. The tow truck had not departed Taos, so it was cancelled and the friend was advised to have the vehicle moved by the end of the day. Officer will check for the vehicle the next duty day.

Location: 128 VERMEJO CR NOREP – No Report Taken

12/22/2017 20:29:57 17-000691 Trespassing

Report of trespassed juvenile entering the property. Unable to locate apartment manager. Made contact with trespassed persons father. Father stated he did not know where son was. Attempted to locate subject at 2 different apartments but negative contact. No report.

Location: 3381 MOUNTAIN VEW BL NOREP – No Report Taken

12/23/2017 22:45:00 17-000692 Domestic

Officers were dispatched to a domestic dispute. The first officer arrived on and spoke with a witness who advised the subjects left the area in a vehicle. The second officer arrived and saw the vehicle departing and initiated a traffic stop and the parties were separated. Speaking to both parties separate it was determined to be verbal only and no signs of physical violence was evident. The male party had a bloody nose but indicated it was the result of a fall on ice at his residence in Black Lake. No report.

Location: 15 SQUAW VALLEY LN VER – Verbal Only

12/24/2017 17:50:00 17-000693 DWI

Officer was dispatched to the area of North Angel Fire Road in the area of AFFD Station #1 in reference to a possible DWI. The vehicle was described as a silver Chevrolet Tahoe with Texas plates. Upon arrival in the area an update was provided the vehicle pulled in to the Resort parking lot. A check of the area revealed multiple unoccupied Chevrolet Tahoe’s all which were unoccupied in the Resort parking lots.

Location: N. ANGEL FIRE RD/MOUNTAIN VIEW BLVD UTL – Unable to Locate