Angel Fire Police Blotter: Oct. 15-21

10/15/2018 12:23:02    18-000652        Driving Test

Angel Fire Police administered a driver’s test, which was successfully completed.

Location: 3465 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL    COMP – Service Completed

10/15/2018 14:30:00    18-000653        Fraud

Angel Fire Police Department received a report of CREDIT CARD FRAUD that is believed to have occurred locally. The information provided indicates that an offense occurred. An investigation is now underway.

Location: 10 MILLER LN             RPT – Report Taken

10/16/2018 10:57:48    18-000654        Animal Complaint

Angel Fire Police Department received a phone call about a deer that was hit by a car. Community Services Officer (CSO) and police officer arrived at scene and euthanized the deer.

Location: 3300 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL      COMP – Service Completed

10/16/2018 20:37:00    18-000655        Suspicious Activity

Angel Fire Police observed suspicious activity behind a local business. Officer observed a vehicle behind a local business and before the officer could turn around the vehicle departed. Officer located the vehicle at a stop sign where it hesitated for almost a minute before taking off and then abruptly pulled over. Officer pulled the vehicle over and determined it was the owner of the business who was completing some work on his new office space. No report.

Location:  3407 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL      UNF – Unfounded

10/17/2018 08:39:23    18-000656 Shots Fired

Angel Fire Police received a report of shots being fired possibly in the village. Officer responded to the area and was unable to locate described vehicle or persons. Shots possibly fired in the National Forest. No Report.

Location: FIELD NORTH OF WEST RIDGE RD        NOREP – No Report Taken

10/17/2018 10:50:00    18-000657        Theft

The Angel Fire Police Department received a report of a theft of property. The reporting party claims that a piece of equipment, owned by NMDOT, fell off his truck and was later stolen. A police report will be generated.

Location: 3300 BLOCK OF MOUNTAIN VIEW BOULEVARD            RPT – Report Taken

10/17/2018 20:00:17    18-000658        Assault

Report of an assault on 10/14/2018 at Lowes. Subject located and arrested on an outstanding warrant out for traffic violation. A non-traffic citation was issued for Municipal Court. Report taken.

Location: 3373 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL      RPT – Report Taken

10/18/2018 11:22:26    18-000659        Welfare Check

Angel Fire Police Department received a phone call requesting a welfare check on an individual. CSO arrived at property and made contact with individual.

Location: 27 MOUNTAIN LAKE TC           COMP – Service Completed

10/19/2018 10:00:00    18-000660        Residential Alarm

Angel Fire Police responded to a residential alarm on Saint Andrews Way. Residence was found to be secure. No signs of criminal activity. False Alarm. No Report.

Location: 45 SAINT ANDREWS WY          FAL – False Alarm

10/19/2018 11:34:00    18-000661        Animal Complaint

CSO observed illegal wildlife feeders at a residence on Cimarron Trail. CSO was unable to make contact with owners. CSO left note at door asking owners to remove feeders.

Location: 54 Cimarron TR          VER – Verbal Only

10/19/2018 12:51:08    18-000662        Animal Complaint

CSO observed three loose dogs running around the area of Via del Rey and Maxwell Way. CSO spoke with owner of dogs and issued a verbal warning to keep dogs contained.

Location: 55 VIA DEL REY           VER – Verbal Only

10/19/2018 20:40:23    18-000663        Assist Other Agency

Request for welfare check on overdue aircraft. Located N556RT fueling at the airport. Spoke with pilot and everything OK. Notified reporting person (RP). No report.

Location: 3570 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL      COMP – Service Completed

10/19/2018 20:46:40    18-000664        Shoplifting

Shoplifting.  Report of male subject observed shoplifting alcohol from Lowes. Subject arrested later this date for resisting during investigation. Report taken.

Location: 3373 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL      ARR – Subject Arrested

10/20/2018 11:17:18    18-000665        Shots Fired

Angel Fire Police responded to a report of shots fired. Officer arrived in the area of the reported shots and made contact with the reporting party (RP) who advised of 4 men with rifles who were shooting at elk in the green belt. RP also advised that one of the males was carrying a bag of corn feed. Officer made contact with a resident in the immediate area who state they didn’t hear any gunfire. Officer was unable to locate and departed the area. Officer will patrol the area throughout the day.

Location: 12 TULAROSA CR        UTL – Unable to Locate

10/20/2018 16:06:29    18-000666        Suspicious Vehicle

Angel Fire Police discovered a vehicle parked suspiciously. Officer discovered a vehicle parked on a bank at the end of a cul-de-sac with a door open, keys on the hood, and two bags of open potato chips. Attempts to located the individuals in the immediate area failed. Driver and owner were identified and 2d Officer proceed to the owner’s residence making contact with the father. The father was able to contact the driver, son, and returned him to the location. Officer released the driver to his father who handled the situation.

Location: SAN ANDRES TC          NOREP – No Report Taken

10/20/2018 18:22:31    18-000667        Animal Complaint

Barking dogs. Located 2 dogs barking at that location. Owners dogs are in heat and the 2 males have been barking since yesterday. One animal was retrieved by his owner returning from out of town. The second dog remained after being drive stunned with a Taser. Dog was then hazed with one rubber buck shot round and it ran off.

Location: 39 CIMARRON            COMP – Service Completed

10/21/2018 13:58:29    18-000668        Residential Alarm

Angel Fire Police responded to a report of a residential alarm. Officer located an open door, entered and cleared the residence. There was no evidence of a break in. Officer turned over the residence to the alarm company representative.

Location: 17 PERALTA CR           FAL – False Alarm

10/21/2018 14:02:24    18-000669        Assist Other Agency

Angel Fire Police provided assistance to Angel Fire Fire Department Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Officer arrived on scene and provided assistance to the reporting party pending arrival of EMS. EMS arrived on scene, took over, evaluated the patient and transported to Holy Cross.

Location: 82 ST ANDREWS WY   COMP – Service Completed

10/21/2018 16:04:13    18-000670        Residential Alarm

Angel Fire Police responded to a residential alarm. Officer walked around the residence. There was no audible alarm, broken glass or unlocked doors. No signs of a break in.

Location: 15 CLAY TC     FAL – False Alarm

10/21/2018 16:11:05    18-000671        Motorist Assist

Angel Fire Police Officer stopped to provide assistance to motorist with a shredded tire. Motorist informed the Officer that AAA was enroute and would arrive in approximately 45 minutes.

Location: COUNTRY CLUB DR     COMP – Service Completed

10/21/2018 17:13:44    18-000672        Animal Complaint

Angel Fire Police responded to a report of a mountain lion. Officer arrived on scene and the mountain lion was gone on arrival. The reporting party stated the mountain lion walked slowly through their yard and then laid down approximately 25 yards from their deck. The mountain lion then walked over the hill out of sight. NM Game and Fish was notified and is responding.

19 PERALTA DR GOA – Gone on Arrival