Angel Fire Police Blotter: Sept. 11-17

09/11/2017 16:28:20   17-000524       Suicide

Officer responded to 3381 Mountain View Boulevard (Angel Skye Apartments) in reference to a suicidal subject. The subject was extremely intoxicated and made threats to harm herself. The subject was in possession of a box cutter which was taken from her by the RP. The subject did not harm herself. The subject was transported via ambulance.

Several minor children were left in the charge of the RP. Incident #: 17-000524

Location: 3381 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL  # C4   RPT – Report Taken

09/12/2017 09:45:00   17-000525       Suspicious Vehicle

Angel Fire Police Department received a report of a suspicious vehicle parked on private property. Research into the vehicle shows that it is operated by a well-known subject in the village. Proactive approach to remove the vehicle are now underway.

Location: 3379 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL RPT – Report Taken

09/12/2017 12:29:41   17-000526       Community Policing Activity

Angel Fire Police provided an Officer for career day at Eagle Nest Middle School. Officer conducted 5 thirty minute presentations with a question and answer period for Middle School students.

Location: 25 LAKE ST COMP – Service Completed

09/13/2017 12:42:36   17-000527       Fingerprints

Subject came into the police department for background fingerprinting. Fingerprinting service was provided.

Location: 3465 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL COMP – Service Completed

09/13/2017 14:33:15   17-000528       Abandoned Vehicle

Angel Fire Police responded to a report of abandoned vehicles in the parking lot of Mountain Spirits Condominiums. Officer ran both vehicles and although they have expired registrations they are not stolen. Officer advised RP of the status of the vehicles.

Location: 39 VAIL AV  COMP – Service Completed

09/13/2017 15:26:33   17-000529       Residential Alarm

Angel Fire Police responded to a residential alarm. Officer conducted a 360 degree walk around of the residence and found everything to be secure. Officer spoke with the alarm company and they did not receive an activation notice.

Location: 54 SNOWMASS RD            FAL – False Alarm

09/13/2017 18:46:29   17-000530       Cattle Out

Called to cattle at 331 Via Del Rey. RP not there but I did call subject. Cattle moved through area north but unable to locate.

Location: 331 VIA DEL REY   UTL – Unable to Locate

09/14/2017 10:05:00   17-000531       Welfare Check

Angel Fire Police Department received a request for a welfare check of a subject speaking of suicide. Upon arrival, the subject was physically fine. Furthermore, the subject implied he is not suicidal and expressed no desire to injure himself.

Location: 3381 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL  # B1   COMP – Service Completed

09/14/2017 16:36:13   17-000532       Driving Test

Driving test.

Location: 3465 MOUNTAIN VEIW BL NOREP – No Report Taken

09/15/2017 13:34:34   17-000533       Residential Alarm

Angel Fire Police responded to a residential alarm activation on Sierra Blanca Circle. Alarm was cleared as the Officer arrived on scene. Officer encountered two females at the location and conducted a system check with one subject determined to have an active warrant. Subject was arrested.

Location: 14 SIERRA BLANCA CR    ARR – Subject Arrested

09/15/2017 17:23:41   17-000534       Juvenile Problem

While conducting routine patrol Angel Fire Police came upon a gathering of juveniles. Officer discovered a marijuana pipe among the juveniles, but could not confirm ownership. An information report will be written for future reference.

Location: VALLEY RD INFO – Informational Report

09/16/2017 11:25:58   17-000535       Traffic Contact

Stopped for Seat Belt violation…driver revoked without a valid DL. Suspect stopped for no Seat Belt. Driver did not have a DL with him but return indicated Revoked (122G) but did not show Interlock restriction. Subject taken to PD and issued citations for Expired Registration and Revoked DL.

Location: 14 CRAFTSMAN RD          ARR – Subject Arrested

09/16/2017 15:18:32  17-000536        Informational   NOREP – No Report Taken

Eviction notice posted on door. Owner was concerned that eviction notice was posted by AFPD. Note stated to be out by “Saturday at Midnight” but no date was given. Contacted AF1 and he stated AFPD did not write the note. Called RP back and he became belligerent and started cussing. No report.

Location: 40 VIA CONTENTA RD      NOREP – No Report Taken

09/16/2017 16:38:00   17-000537       House Watch

Reporting party with Resort Properties advised of a possible problem with a former property owner. The reporting party advised he and several owners within the complex were concerned of possible actions of a former property owner, Justin Gear, who recently lost his residence in foreclosure proceedings. The RP advised Gear drove a white in color older model, standard cab Ford pickup with unknown CO plates.

Location: 10 JACKSON HOLE LN     COMP – Service Completed

09/17/2017 12:44:26   17-000538       Welfare Check

Angel Fire Police responded to a report of children riding in the back of a pick-up truck. Office located the vehicle in the parking lot of Lowe’s Valley Market and no children were observed in the bed of the pick-up. Officer observed the vehicle until it departed. No children were observed in the bed of pick-up as it departed.

Location: 3373 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL UNF – Unfounded

09/17/2017 12:53:42   17-000539       Shots Fired

Angel Fire Police responded to a report of shots fired. Officer responded to the area, but was unable to locate the source of the gunfire. Officer departed the area. Officer responded to the area, but was unable to locate the source of the gunfire. Officer departed the area.

Location: 426 EL CAMINO REAL       UTL – Unable to Locate

09/17/2017 14:23:13   17-000540       Criminal Damage

Angel Fire Police responded to a report of damage to a hotel room. Officer made contact with the RP and went to the hotel room with hotel security to observe the damage. Photos were taken of the damage, name of occupant obtained, and name of occupant in the adjacent room. Report taken, investigation continues.

Location: 10 MILLER LN         RPT – Report Taken

09/17/2017 16:05:00   17-000541       Criminal Damage

Officer requested to check on possible criminal damage to a residence. The officer was requested to check a residence for possible criminal damage in reference to Case# 17-000540 by the investigating officer. The conducted a check of the residence and found it to be in order.

Location: 87 ZIA RD   COMP – Service Completed

09/17/2017 17:21:00   17-000542       Criminal Damage

Officer contacted an involved party in reference to Case #17-000540. The officer contacted the involved party via landline and generated a supplemental report to Case#17-000540.

Location: 3465 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL  # #4   RPT – Report Taken