Angel Fire Police Blotter: Sept. 18–24

09/18/2017 01:50:08    17-000543           Assist Other Agency

Officer was dispatched to assist Angel Fire Fire Department (AFFD) in reference to a suspicious 911 medical call which originally was dispatched as Conchas Trail in Angel Fire. Upon arrival it was determined the address did not exist. A subsequent 911 call received by Taos County pinged on Onate Road and it was determined the call was in the area of Conchas Road and units responded to 39 Conchas Road. Another call was received and the caller advised they were involved in a one vehicle rollover. The crash scene was located on Onate Road, in Colfax County and both occupants were removed from the vehicle and transported to Holy Cross Hospital in Taos via separate ambulances. Alcohol was a factor in the crash as both occupants appeared to be moderately intoxicated and had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from their persons. Numerous containers of alcohol were present at the scene including sealed and open cans. All information regarding the crash was relayed to Red River Dispatch for the investigating agency.

Location: 39 CONCHAS RD             INFO – Informational Report

09/18/2017 16:11:00    17-000544           Vehicle Complaint

The reporting party advised a possible intoxicated driver was at the Mini-Mart. The reporting party described the vehicle as a black in color passenger car with a turquoise NM plate. The officer located the suspect vehicle, which was pointed out by the reporting party, NB on Mountain View Blvd. The officer conducted a traffic stop and found the driver to not be intoxicated. The driver admitted to his NM driver’s license being revoked for DWI. At the time of contact Red River Dispatch advised the NCIC system was down and the driver’s license status could not be confirmed. The control of the vehicle was given to the passenger who provided a valid NM Driver’s License.

Location: 3465 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL 3465 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL     UNF – Unfounded

09/18/2017 20:11:00    17-000545           Suspicious Activity

The officer was dispatched to possible narcotics activity between the Elkhorn Lodge and the Aspen Gold Shopping Center involving a female subject who got out of a black in color Chevrolet pickup with an unknown NM plate. Upon the officers arrival in the area Red River Dispatch advised the vehicle had left the area NB on Mountain View Boulevard. The officer responded from the area of US 64 and Mountain View Boulevard and did not pass a vehicle fitting the description of the suspect vehicle.The reporting person (RP) advised dispatch this is an ongoing issue. The officer will close patrol the area during the evening hours.

Location: 3300 BLK MOUNTAIN VIEW BOULEVARD              GOA – Gone on Arrival

09/20/2017 13:00:00    17-000546           Informational

The Angel Fire Police Department received information from a home owner who reports suspicious occurrences at the residence. The home owner advises of door locks being unsecured upon her arrival home. The home owner also suspects that the house may have possibly been entered, without consent, but a theft has not occurred. The home owner will be in contact with the police department should the activity continues.

Location: 16 SAN FRANCISO TC    COMP – Service Completed

09/21/2017 09:34:06    17-000547           Trespassing

Angel Fire Police received a phone call in reference to trespassing on private property. RP stated individual(s) unknown have been using her property for bonfires and parties. Property is posted no trespassing. RP request patrols make visits to her property.

Location: 13 PINTO RD   INFO – Informational Report

09/21/2017 13:42:06    17-000548           Driving Test

Angel Fire Police conducted a driving test. Person successfully passed his driver’s test.

Location: 3465 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL          COMP – Service Completed

09/21/2017 17:13:04    17-000549           Hit and Run Accident

Hit and run accident in Lowes parking lot. RP had vehicle struck by another vehicle. Suspect left the scene without reporting the incident. Witness observed the event and provided information leading to the suspect.

Location: 3373 MOUNTAIN VEIW BL          RPT – Report Taken

09/22/2017 18:47:17    17-000550           Residential Alarm               COMP – Service Completed

Officer was dispatched to a residential alarm showing multiple zones. The officer was dispatched to the residence in reference an activated residential burglary alarm showing multiple zones. An interior check of the residence appeared to be in order. The rear door was unable to be secured. The alarm was re-armed by the alarm company. The officer will conduct close patrols of the residence throughout the shift.

Location: 40 VIA CONTENTA    FAL – False Alarm

09/22/2017 20:50:43    17-000551           911 Call

Domestic Violence call — argument between mother and daughter.

Location: 56 PINE VALLEY AV        RPT – Report Taken

09/23/2017 04:09:00    17-000552           Assist Other Agency

Angel Fire Police responded to a report of a battery. Upon arrival Officer briefly spoke with the victim, who couldn’t remember anything. Officer met with the RP who stated the victim mentioned a traffic accident. Colfax Sheriff’s Office was on scene and Officer assisted in a search for the accident scene. Once scene was located there was information of a possible second individual in the car. Officer assisted with a search of the area. A second individual was not located. Officer assisted Colfax County with the crash scene investigation.

Location: 27500 HIGHWAY 64    NOREP – No Report Taken

09/23/2017 20:35:22    17-000553           Motorist Assist

Officer assisted an elderly handicapped couple locate Resort Properties. Officer assisted the couple obtaining their key then escorted them to the Cabin Shares. The officer assisted the couple in unloading their vehicle.

Location: N. ANGEL FIRE RD/MILLER ROAD              COMP – Service Completed

09/24/2017 00:15:00    17-000554           Business Alarm

Officer responded to a commercial burglary alarm showing front door. Upon arrival the officer conducted a walk around of the business. The business appeared secure and all the glass was intact. The alarm company was unable to contact a key holder to respond. It was unknown what tripped the alarm.

Location: 3394 MOUNTAIN VIEW                FAL – False Alarm

09/24/2017 04:35:02    17-000555           Trespassing

Officer was called out in reference to unknown person(s) on RP’s property with flashlights. RP believed it was possibly her neighbor who she believed was going to harm her. The officer proceeded to clear the property and had negative contact with any subjects.

Location: 58 VALLE GRANDE TR N     UNF – Unfounded