Angel Fire Police Blotter: Sept. 4–11

09/04/2017 17:55:00          17-000505                Vehicle Complaint

Officer was dispatched to the area of 50 West Ridge Road in reference to a blue in color dirt bike operating at a high rate of speed. Caller described the operator as a white male subject approximately 5’10”, wearing a helmet. The dirt bike was last seen headed towards the Northern New Mexico Gas Company. Officer was unable to locate the dirt bike in the area of West ridge Road Officer proceeded to the area of the Northern New Mexico Gas Company and was unable to locate it in that area as well.

Location: 50 WESTRIDGE RD   UTL – Unable to Locate

09/04/2017 18:45:00           17-000506                      Informational

Officer was dispatched to a third party complaint of an aggravated assault. Officer responded and contacted the involved party. The involved party advised he had a confrontation with a male subject dressed in camouflage in the Carson National Forest boundary. Upon determining the event happened within the Carson National Forest boundary and not the Village of Angel Fire limits dispatch was advised and contacted the NMSP.

Location: 47 AGUA RD   NOREP – No Report Taken

09/04/2017 22:02:00    17-000507           Suspicious Activity

Officer was dispatched to suspicious activity at the residence adjacent to the reporting party. The reporting party advised she observed multiple light sources around the residence as well as an interior light on inside and the residence was supposed to be vacant. Officer contacted the reporting party who advised she observed multiple light sources around the residence as well as a lower floor light on. The RP advised the residence was supposed to be unoccupied. The RP advised she turned the outside light on and shortly thereafter she observed a vehicle depart the area. The officer checked the residence identified by the RP and it appeared to be secure. No signs of forced entry or attempted forced entry was evident and the glass was intact. Upon the officer rounding the NE corner of the residence a motion light activated on the detached garage.

Location: 97 CALLE DE LOS INDIOS              UTL – Unable to Locate

09/06/2017 13:27:49    17-000508           Fingerprints

Subject came into the police department for fingerprinting, which was provided.

Location: 3465 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL          COMP – Service Completed

09/07/2017 11:30:00    17-000509           Assist Other Agency

Angel Fire Fire Department requested police presence at a emergency call in Colfax County. The emergency did not exist. Parties involved were found to be well.

Location: 2900 BLOCK OF STATE HIGHWAY 434   COMP – Service Completed

09/07/2017 13:30:00    17-000510           Lost / Found Property

A local citizen found a wallet and delivered it to the police department. The wallet is owned by a known subject. A voice mail was left advising the subject to come and collect the wallet.

Location: VALLE GRANDE TRAIL NORTH    COMP – Service Completed

09/07/2017 19:36:57    17-000511           Criminal Damage

Break in report at car wash. Car wash owner reported suspicious activity. Arrived and observed two cars being washed in the manual bay and three children playing outside. Observed no suspicious activity.  No report.

Location: 3617 MOUNTAIN VEIW BL          UNF – Unfounded

09/07/2017 20:50:00    17-000513           Fraud

Officer was dispatched to speak to subject via public service in reference to a “money scheme”. The officer attempted to contact the RP via cellphone but received an answering machine. The officer left a message and advised the RP to re-contact the officer if he still had concerns. The RP never re-contacted the officer prior to the end of shift.

Location: 3465 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL  # #4                 UTL – Unable to Locate

09/07/2017 22:43:58    17-000512           Property Accident

Accident non-injury. Vehicle struck elk. Animal injured and euthanized. Report taken.

Location: 3200 BLK MOUNTAIN VIEW BLVD            RPT – Report Taken

09/08/2017 15:15:00    17-000514           DWI

Angel Fire Police Department received a report of an intoxicated driver operating a maroon colored Jeep. The Jeep was found near the post office. The operator of the vehicle was not behind the wheel, at the time, no charges filed. The driver is believed to have been under the influence so the driver was released to a responsible party. The Jeep was released to another responsible party. 

Location: 3400 BLOCK OF MOUNTAIN VIEW BOULEVARD COMP – Service Completed

09/08/2017 21:53:53    17-000515           Suspicious Activity Suspicious activity.

Report of several persons loitering and possibly selling drugs. AF3 and AF4 arrived within 2 minutes but did not observe any group of persons. Made contact with Emily Melton walking her dog. No report.

Location: 3381 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL          UNF – Unfounded

09/09/2017 00:54:00    17-000516           Open Door

Officer located the rear door of the business unsecure. The opening of the door caused an alarm activation. A walk through of the facility was conducted and appeared to be in order. The alarm company representative responded and was able to contact a key holder who secured the business.

Location: 3365 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL  # STE 1           COMP – Service Completed

09/09/2017 12:39:03    17-000517           911 Call

Trespass/Intimidation of a witness. Victim reports known subject was outside her apartment at approximately 1200 hrs. this date. Subject is trespassed from property and victim is witness against suspect in a Contributing case. Report taken.

Location: 3381 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL          RPT – Report Taken

09/09/2017 14:37:16    17-000518           Cattle Out

Cattle out. Cattle out but left area prior to my arrival. No report.

Location: 72 SIERRA BLANCA        GOA – Gone on Arrival

09/09/2017 15:55:00    17-000519           Noise Complaint

Officer responded to a phone in complaint of loud music. The officer arrived in the area of N. Angel Fire Road and Five Springs Road and could here live instruments playing. The officer arrived in the area and located the source of the music coming from E5 and was finally able to make contact with the occupant. The occupant was advised to keep the noise down and if the officer returned a second time a citation would be issued and a third return would result in arrest. The occupant acknowledged the options given and advised he would comply.

Location: 18 FIVE SPRINGS RD  # E5            WARN – Warning Issued

09/09/2017 16:25:00     17-000520          Cattle Out             COMP – Service Completed

Officer responded to a livestock complaint in which cattle were on the reporting party’s property. Upon arrival the officer observed cattle were on the reporting party’s property. Approximately 15-18 head of cattle in the reporting party’s backyard. The cattle were black, black and white, and brown consisting of one bull, several heifers, and calves. Some were ear tagged with yellow and lime green tags. The officer could not see any brands. The officer herded the cattle off the RP’s property towards Vargas Circle. The officer contacted the Livestock Board agent for the Raton area and was given another contact number for April Riggs. The officer had negative contact with Riggs. The cattle possibly belong to Herman Manzanares who was enroute from the Abiqu, NM area.

Location: 14 SIERRA BLANCA TR       COMP – Service Completed

09/09/2017 17:20:00    17-000521           Cattle Out

Officer was dispatched to a livestock complaint in which cattle were on the property and the owner wanted them removed. The officer arrived and found the cattle were gone on arrival. The officer located the cattle in the front yard at 289 Via Del Rey. The officer attempted to contact the homeowner to advise them the owner was responding to round the cattle up but had negative contact.

Location: 14 VARGAS CR                  COMP – Service Completed

09/10/2017 13:20:14    17-000522           Informational

Angel Fire Police was called about a lost laptop. Officer spoke with RP who informed the Officer that they would come to the Police Department on 09/11/2017 to claim their property. 

Location: 3465 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL          INFO – Informational Report

09/10/2017 23:00:00    17-000523           Open Door

Officer found the rear door on the NW corner unsecured. The officer located the rear door on the NW corner of the building unsecured. No signs of forced entry or attempted forced entry were evident. The officer conducted a walk though and everything appeared to be in order. The facility appeared to be utilized by the Angel Fire Resort as storage for events at Freedom Park. The officer had RRD attempt to contact a key holder at the Resort to secure the facility but met with negative results. The facility was secured by the officer.

Location: 3365 MOUNTAIN VIEW BL          UTL – Unable to Locate