Angel Fire Volunteer Alliance selects software

By Michelle Duregger — Staff Writer

ANGEL FIRE — Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jo Mixon and Mayor Barbara Cottam have selected a database software called Volunteer Matters that will allow area businesses and non-profits to build a volunteer database, share volunteer information amongst their offices and allow more ease of use for area volunteers wanting to get involved. Volunteer Matters will allow keep registered volunteers updated on upcoming events or volunteer needs and will be able to choose events based on the dates that they will be in town.

The next hurdle is to get organizations and businesses behind the program. The software costs about $69 a month, but it will open up the network of volunteers to those who register.

“It seemed like the simplest method,” said Mixon. “Everyone is always struggling to find volunteers and running themselves ragged. If each organization or business could sponsor a month, we could share volunteers and help more residents and visitors find events to volunteer for.”

Mixon will be compiling a presentation to bring to organization and businesses around Angel Fire this week. She hopes to garner enough interest to start the database next month. The database will still need a volunteer to administer the software but it will allow the chamber to keep track of the volunteers and invite all those involved to a large banquet at the end of the year.

“Getting people to work together in a town this size is key,” said Mixon, “ and there are people out there who would love to volunteer and just don’t know how to plug-in.”