Annual Eagle Nest fireworks canceled

By Eric Fincher<br />Staff writer

The annual Fourth of July fireworks show over Eagle Nest Lake has been canceled for the first time ever this year due to extreme fire danger in the area.

Area officials decided to cancel the show during a recent strategic planning meeting out of concern for the safety of visitors, residents and neighboring communities. 

Those attending the planning session included representatives of the Eagle Nest Chamber of Commerce, Village of Eagle Nest, Eagle Nest Volunteer Fire Department, Moreno Valley Fire Department, Angel Fire Fire Department, Colfax County Sheriff’s Department, New Mexico State Parks, and several concerned citizens.

After viewing a slide show showing conditions at the fireworks staging area and an extensive discussion concerning the problems and hazards that could arise from drawing thousands of spectators, the officials’ decision was unanimous: discharging fireworks under the present extremely dry conditions would pose unreasonable danger to property and life. 

There remains an extreme fire danger throughout the Moreno Valley, and the threat of wildfire will remain extremely high until significant rainfall arrives. 

The other planned festivities in Eagle Nest will still be held, including the annual Fireman’s Barbecue, the parade at 2 p.m., the Native American Expo, Vendors in the Park, The Junior Chamber Fair and Dance and the Kite Festival at Eagle Nest Lake State Park. Everyone is invited.

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