Bandelier to host artists for Fire Science and Art Collaborative

NPS Photo

Bandelier National Monument will host artists Kathleen Brennan from Taos and Shawn Skabelund from Flagstaff, Arizona, through April 19. Brennan and Skabelund are artists in residence as part of the East Jemez Landscape Futures project (EJLF), which aims to address conservation challenges posed by recent severe droughts, fires, and floods that affected many local communities in the eastern Jemez Mountains. 

While at Bandelier, the artists will explore recently altered areas, and meet with National Park Service managers, scientists, tribal groups, and community members to understand what caused these changes and how they have affected the way people view and connect with the eastern Jemez Mountains. They will also hear from local community members who witnessed first-hand the effects of high severity wildfire and other landscape-scale disturbances. Based on these interactions, they will create art that reflects the impacts to the local environments and communities, and work with EJLF members to incorporate personal stories and people’s “sense of place” into the land management planning process.

During the artist residency, Brennan and Skabelund will be available for questions. For more information, please contact Jeremy Sweat, Chief of Resources, at 505-672-3861 ext: 701.

The goal of the EJLF project is for land managers, local Pueblos, community members, and scientists to develop adaptation strategies for areas of the Jemez Mountains altered by dramatic disturbances, including large areas of Bandelier National Monument. The project also seeks to provide opportunities for individuals and communities to express their connection to these landscapes through art, and share their experiences through storytelling.