Be wary of unlicensed carnival rides and bouncy houses

The New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department is warning New Mexicans to be wary of unlicensed Carnival or Bouncy House Operators.

“It is critical for the safety of New Mexico children, and consumers, that operators are licensed,” said Robert “Mike” Unthank, Superintendent of the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department. “Confirm that you are hiring a licensed Carnival or Bouncy House Operator, that meets our State’s strict safety standards.”

New Mexico requires that operators must be licensed, conduct daily inspections, receive an annual inspection by a NAARSO certified inspector for each ride or bouncy house they operate, receive annual certification, and provide proof that they carry at least three million dollars in liability insurance. The Operator must be on site during operation.

If you have a question regarding the safe operation of inflatable amusement rides, call 505-476-4853.

The Regulation and Licensing Department certifies and regulates over 380,000 individuals and businesses across New Mexico, while ensuring fair and prompt administrative process to help spur economic development. The Regulation and Licensing can be contacted online at