Carson closes Bonita Fire area Roads

The Carson National Forest has closed portions of Forest Road (FR) 42 on the El Rito Ranger District for public health and safety against potential flooding in the recent Bonita Fire burn scar.

The restricted area includes portions of FR 42 from the junction of FR274/FR42, to the junction of FR42/FR42C, and from the junction of FR42/FR42C to the junction of FR l10/FR42C, to include trails, parking areas and roads.

“This area in particular is susceptible to flooding due to the proximity to the Bonita Fire burn scar,” said El Rito District Ranger Jim Gumm. “Due to the heavy rainfall occurring and predicted to continue, we felt it was necessary to close this road to keep the public safe.”

The temporary road closure is effective July 24, 2017, and will remain in effect until September 30, 2017, or until rescinded.

Always check weather conditions before heading out to the forest. Monsoon season brings much needed rain but also comes with dangerous lightning. Know how to minimize your risk of being struck.

  • Descend quickly if you are caught above the tree line or on top of an exposed hill, ridge, or peak.
  • Ditch anything metal including hiking poles, packs with metal frames, and umbrellas.
  • Spread out at least 15 feet apart to minimize the chance of everybody getting hit.
  • Avoid the tallest and isolated trees, rock overhangs, water and cliffs.
  • Get as low as possible if caught in an open area with no shelter. Crouch with your feet together and head low.

Check out other lightning safety tips on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration:

For information regarding the road closure contact the El Rito Ranger District at 575-581-4554.