Thursday, July 20, 2017

Winter hiking: Pescado Trail

Now is the time for hiking in solitude and snowy silence at Wild Rivers, just north of Taos. One of the less-traveled paths is the Pescado...

Fall hiking at Chaco Canyon

Chaco Canyon is the site of a spectacular grouping of ancient stone ruins in northwestern New Mexico. The canyon is bordered by rocky sandstone...

Adventures in the snow… climbing Wheeler Peak

By Laura Dugas, for the Chronicle Everyone told us “You are crazy! You can’t hike Wheeler, there’s too much snow.” When you say that to hikers...

Hiking ‘Dem Bones’ Trail

From the "Y" intersection of Highways 38 and 578 it is about a 3-mile-drive to the turnoff for Valley of the Pines on Highway 578 in the Upper Red River Valley.

Hiking Columbine Canyon

The great thing about Columbine is, this is a hike in which one can turn around at any time — the hike is that pleasurable from beginning to end.

Hiking Williams Lake

I am always torn whenever someone recommends the Williams Lake Trail: I like to get "off the beaten path" and this trail is one...

Winter hiking goes down long country roads

Raton is a hiker’s paradise—not just because of the pristine high-mountain beauty of nearby Sugarite Canyon State Park, but because Climax Canyon Nature Trail offers secluded two- and three-mile mountain loops right within the western city limits, built and maintained by the City of Raton Department of Parks & Recreation.