Remains of 10 veterans to be laid to rest at a Forgotten Heroes Funeral

SANTA FE — The cremated remains of 10 veterans — who have gone unclaimed — will be laid to rest with full military honors at...

WWII veteran Sewell saw action — in a post office

RED RIVER — Dan Sewell, who recently celebrated his 89th birthday on May 12, is proud to be a veteran but admitted with a laugh, “I had the least exciting military career imaginable.”

Memorial bricks’ purpose: Remembering the fallen

ANGEL FIRE — The sun is blazing as a cadre of volunteers from Run For The Wall install more than 400 memorial bricks bearing...

Memorial Day speaker Galloway: ‘War correspondents are witnesses’

ANGEL FIRE — War correspondents are sometimes lost to history. Perhaps their name becomes nothing more than a forgotten byline on a forgotten news story. Perhaps, like so many of their brethren, they die alongside the soldiers whose stories they came to tell.

Military Winterfest pushes early registration

Angel Fire’s 4th Annual Military Winterfest, a celebration for veterans, all military and family members, has ramped up their early online registration efforts for...