Learning local lingo is job one

Of all the new terms and concepts that were introduced to me since I moved to Angel Fire in early April, “shoulder season” is one of the most bizarre.

Pilot dies in crash near Angel Fire

A pilot died after his airplane went down northeast of Angel Fire Friday evening.

Red River’s Tia Buena owner knows what’s in a name

It’s rare to see Sandy Sanchez fumble a Johnson, a Vasquez or even a Finklesteinburgh.

Enchanted Forest set to open Thursday

RED RIVER – Enchanted Forest Cross-country Ski Area (EFXC) is opening on Thursday (Dec. 18) morning at 9 a.m. With the snow on Sunday (Dec. 14) reaching up to fifteen inches in some areas EFXC has enough snow on the ground to groom the trails to open.

Get ready for a whole lot of climbing

With a 700-foot climb from 8,750 feet to a turn-around point of a little over 9,400 feet above sea level, the Red River High Mountain...

Philmont camping ‘back to normal’ with wildfire nearly contained

All but 28 firefighters had been released from the Whites Peak Fire south of Philmont Scout Ranch near Cimarron Monday (June 24). The fire was 97 percent contained at the time.

Carson National Forest lifts fire restrictions

As of today (Monday, July 16) at 8 a.m., fire restrictions on the Carson National Forest are lifted. According to a press release from Anna...

Bank issues check scam warning

TRINIDAD — First National Bank in Trinidad Vice President, Christine Huffman warns, “We have seen a sharp increase in check scams in the area.”

Speak Up: Ivan Denisovich and the Winter Olympics

It seems that Russia is always in the news, especially now with Putin’s Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, protests in Ukraine, Russian support of the oppressive regime in Syria, and the arrest and subsequent amnesty for members of Greenpeace and Pussy Riot. For much of the twentieth century, the Soviet Union made the news as the other superpower during the Cold War. Alexander Solzhenitsyn, probably the best known of the Soviet authors, risked his life by writing about the human rights abuses in hundreds of forced labor camps, known as the Gulag Archipelago, to which Stalin sent millions of Soviet citizens. The students in Linda Colenda’s English 10 class at Moreno Valley High School had the opportunity to read “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich” and have commented below on the power of Solzhenitsyn’s writing to highlight universal human issues.

Gov. Richardson announces film shooting in state

SANTA FE — New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson Monday announced that a portion of acclaimed director Paolo Sorrentino’s English language debut ‘This Must be the Place’ is being shot in New Mexico.