A familiar path

Pioneer Canyon in Red River is my old friend, a path I have run (and walked) ever since I began to run in 1978, my junior year of high school.

But I Digresss… ‘Did you hear?’

Remember that childhood game when something was whispered successively around a big circle? By the time it reached the last person, the original quote...

But I Digress… Hands and Hooves

The doe was breathing heavily when we came upon her, lying on her right side in the middle of a narrow trail. The stillborn fawn...

Chronicle highlights, 1984 – 2006, Guy and Marcia Wood

Blame it on a summer 1983 family vacation in gorgeous Northern New Mexico and a bit of serendipity.

It’s About Community… and Fairness

Not long ago I downloaded an 128-page tome entitled “Key Editorial and Business Strategies: A Case Study of Six Independent Community Newspapers.”

New managing editor: It’s always been about community for me

In the words of Michael Corleone, “Just when I thought I was out … they pull me back in!”

They say you can’t die from embarrassment…

I recently shared a copy of our 2014 Fall Land & Home with a friend. She was looking for an article and started reading aloud from the contents. I knew immediately that something was wrong. I grabbed the publication from her and saw what I feared:  that page was completely wrong, right down to an editor’s note from Jesse Chaney, our former managing editor.

But I Digress… Rare Feathers

I saw a white crow this morning. It was only about a half-mile from where I’d seen one five years ago, so it might have...

But I Digress… Frayed Sleeves

My favorite garment in the whole wide world is an old fishing coat. Paradoxically, I don’t fish. I don’t even own a pole. But this coat...

Community Found in Sorrow

Funerals are a terrible — and wonderful — experience. This may strike some as controversial but anyone who was at the Angel Fire Community Center Friday (May 30) knows what we mean. Andy LeBus will never read these words but the memorial service did something important for the rest of us: It reminded us how lucky we are to live where we live.