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But I digress... by Laurie Lambert

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But I Digress… Hands and Hooves

The doe was breathing heavily when we came upon her, lying on her right side in the middle of a narrow trail. The stillborn fawn...

But I digress… My Gal Blue

Chronicle essayist Laurie Lambert of Red River and Austin won $25,000 for Stray Hearts Animal Shelter in Taos in the Petco Holiday Wishes Grant...

But I Digresss… ‘Did you hear?’

Remember that childhood game when something was whispered successively around a big circle? By the time it reached the last person, the original quote...

But I Digress… Ernest Praise

Here is a little secret of mine: Sir Ernest Shackleton makes me write. I hate to write. I also love to write. It is most always an endeavor of inner conflict. For me, writing is like running a marathon: uncomfortable and demanding in the process, but oh so rapturous when it has been accomplished. Yet, I still try to find every manner of excuse to walk away from it. Then I think of Shackleton. I think of his impossibly steadfast fortitude in the face of everything that should have told him to give up. I have it so dang easy. Food, drink, plenty of sleep, and a toasty warm cabin.

But I digress: SNOW!

Powder. Graupel. Sugar. Slush. Dust-on-Crust. Smud. Corn.... They are all descriptions of snow and there are as many descriptions as there are incarnations of our winter friend.