Community Found in Sorrow

Funerals are a terrible — and wonderful — experience. This may strike some as controversial but anyone who was at the Angel Fire Community Center Friday (May 30) knows what we mean. Andy LeBus will never read these words but the memorial service did something important for the rest of us: It reminded us how lucky we are to live where we live.

But I Digress… Ernest Praise

Here is a little secret of mine: Sir Ernest Shackleton makes me write. I hate to write. I also love to write. It is most always an endeavor of inner conflict. For me, writing is like running a marathon: uncomfortable and demanding in the process, but oh so rapturous when it has been accomplished. Yet, I still try to find every manner of excuse to walk away from it. Then I think of Shackleton. I think of his impossibly steadfast fortitude in the face of everything that should have told him to give up. I have it so dang easy. Food, drink, plenty of sleep, and a toasty warm cabin.

Art Up Northern New Mexico says, “I Know Jo, do you?”

Last week-end almost 500 people attended Art-Up Northern New Mexico's 35th Annual ArtsFest. It was held once again at the Angel Fire Community Center,...

But I Digress… I Still Do

Today is a love song to the man I married 29 years ago. On April 5th, 1986, I faced my groom in his rented tux and we promised each other our undying devotion in front of God, family, and friends.

But I digress: SNOW!

Powder. Graupel. Sugar. Slush. Dust-on-Crust. Smud. Corn.... They are all descriptions of snow and there are as many descriptions as there are incarnations of our winter friend.

GoinsOn: My mother trusts

She was covered in bees. Though she doesn't remember this event. My (late) grandmother, Florence Dorrance, reported looking across a large yard and seeing...

But I digress… Scribble On

  I’m normally not one to focus on petty complaints, but have recently noticed a flush of unsatisfactory pencils in my desk jar. I really shouldn’t be...

Winter Harvest By Ramona Stafford Bagley

Your first winter, Little Buck Did your Mother tell you? The cold, I mean, the ice, the wind? I am part of that world. God made me too. There...