‘A thank you letter to a stranger’

On the morning of Thursday, January 7, 2016 , I was in the Durango Airport for a flight back to Texas. I had been in...

Letter: ‘We can’t thank all of you enough’

We can't thank all of you enough for all of your prayers, support, donations of equipment, and many other helpful means of support during...

A great big ‘Thank You’

Thanks to Citizens for Cimarron, the group that made the visit from Santa event so very extra special. A great big "Thank You" also goes out to...

Thanks for helping with the golf tournament

Dear Editor, Please let everyone know how much I love the fact they all came out to support the first annual golf tournament for Rotary....

Letter to the Editor: ‘Thank you, Carl’

For 13 years the students of the Moreno Valley High School have attended classes in temporary housing. Last year we passed a school bond ...

Opinion: The Sacred Navajo Language One of Sacrifice, Strength

Editor's note: Pamalita Paloma Alioto wrote, "I had an incredible experience last week at the Code Talkers event and wrote a short blog on...

It’s always nice when the news is good

The Village of Angel Fire has been behind on its audits for years, a fact made all the more painful in 2013 when Gov. Susana Martinez issued an executive order requiring that state capital outlay funds be granted only to municipalities whose annual financial audits were up-to-date. Today we share in Mayor Barbara Cottam’s joy — and relief — when she announced Monday (June 8) the Angel Fire audits are up to date.

Thank you and until next time

Dear Families of the Moreno Valley,

Coming together trumps headlines

This week national headlines came home to our small, close-knit communities here in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Red River teen Caleb Williams’ death provokes many emotions, but perhaps the most poignant is collective grief.

Joe and Loretta, thank you for all your years of giving!

We’re not sure we can add anything more to Michelle Duregger’s article about Joe and Loretta Giglia who are retiring at the end of this school year but we felt the duo warranted a “Thumbs Up” here. After 30 years on the job they are leaving big shoes to fill for sure, both as coaches and as teachers.