Check out our new high-tech news service!

Text Interactions
Partnering with Red River based we are proud to bring you the latest technology in news delivery, and it’s FREE. Up to date “News Bits” (e.g. power outages, road closures, mud slides, etc.) can now be texted directly to you — geared specifically to your town. To subscribe just text the following for your individual community (you can subscribe to more than one):
  • Angel Fire News to 888-808-6555
  • Red River News to: 888-808-6555
  • Eagle Nest News to: 888-808-6555

TextInteractions was created by Rob Swan and his cousin Kalen Swan of Red River. In an email to The Chronicle, Rob Swan said, “TextInteractions is a patent-pending text-based information service. Our proprietary technology is geared toward providing information when and where it is needed. 

“TextInteractions has been working with sporting event promoters to keep athletes updated on schedule changes, event updates, weather delays etc. We are now starting to work with news-service companies to provide relevant and up to the minute ‘News Bits’ for a reader’s particular community. Keeping communities informed in a timely manner on subjects that are important but may not warrant a full news story. Road closures, weather issues, and emergency situations are all within the realm of what residents may need to know asap.

“The best part is there are no apps to install or phone lists to maintain and any subscriber can unsubscribe at any time. 

For more information, contact Rob Swan at Textinteractions 575-770-2958 or see