Eating Humble Pie

Ellen Miller-Goins

Business can, occasionally, feel a little like our friend Sisyphus getting that rock to the top of the hill, only to watch it roll back down. So it has been with the Raton Comet. In last week’s Raton Comet, we printed an article about the inspiring talk, “Can Small Town’s Be Cool?” and extolled the wisdom of speaker David J. Ivan’s message. We mentioned the groups that have been working to make Raton a better place to live. We featured the Shuler Theater’s venerable Bill Fegan in the weekly “Q&A”. We felt good about the paper.

Then we got an email querying why we did not include the preview article for “Hello, Dolly!”

Comet readers, at this point I will dispense with the third person “we” and own up: I made a mistake. Then, instead of admitting my mistake, I dug my heels in and attempted to deflect the blame outward.

Not cool.

I owe Brenda Ferri — executive director of both the Raton Arts & Humanities Council and Raton Mainstreet — an apology. She submitted a preview about the production in a timely way. According to a review in this week’s Comet by Tim Keller, Ferri, and many others from the Raton Chorale Society, did a commendable job with “Hello, Dolly!”

I hope the photos, provided by Keller and 15-year-old Teresa Blaisure in this week’s Comet will help.

Meanwhile, I — and my staff — will continue pushing that rock uphill ’til the next time!