Joe and Loretta, thank you for all your years of giving!

We’re not sure we can add anything more to Michelle Duregger’s article about Joe and Loretta Giglia who are retiring at the end of this school year but we felt the duo warranted a “Thumbs Up” here. After 30 years on the job they are leaving big shoes to fill for sure, both as coaches and as teachers.

Coach Jeremy Ricklefs noted, “They have seen the potential in these kids and helped them grow.”

Loretta has coached varsity basketball, middle school volleyball, high school volleyball, middle school track and then began assistant coaching track when her daughters were born. She has assisted with track for at least 10 years. Joe coached basketball and then track at Cimarron and was New Mexico Coach of the year in 2014 and National High School Athletic Coaches Association’s Coach of the Year this year.

What has impressed us are the ways in which Joe and Loretta have contributed to the present and future growth of Cimarron’s students in their roles as coaches and as teachers — Loretta teaching special education and physical education, Joe teaching broadcast and media arts.

When Joe decided to revive a track program that had fizzled out in the late ’70s, he and Loretta would load up a vehicle and take the team to Springer to practice. When the commute became a burden, the coaches decided to train the team on the roads and dirt fields around Cimarron — and they still managed to lead the track team to a state championship!

We know many students and parents will agree with Ricklef’s statement, “They have done so much.… They have helped these kids grow as individuals through the support system of the team/family environment.”

We hope all of you will join us in giving the couple a resounding “Thank you!”

Editor’s Note — This editorial is the opinion of the Sangre de Cristo Chronicle.