Raton’s airport makes strides for Colfax County’s future

Steve Boyce, president of the Express UU Bar Ranch, Express Staffing Services and the St. James Hotel in Cimarron  gave us an update on Express Aviation Service’s (EAS) plans for Raton’s Municipal Airport. According to Boyce, since taking over Fixed Base Operations (FBO) in October, EAS has spent over $500,000 on airport improvements that include a snazzy new lounge with vibrating, heated recliners, a fleet of six new rental Suburbans, LED lights on the runway, lighted wind socks, and more.

The company has plans for a large hangar to house larger jets and hopes to court companies that can bring more traffic to the airport. Boyce and Express UU Bar owner Robert Funk believe a more mellow flight path from Oklahoma and Texas that doesn’t require crossing any major mountain ranges would prove attractive to those who want access to Raton, the Moreno Valley area and the rest of Colfax County.

Accessibility is key to growth and we are hopeful that Express Aviation Service’s plans would foster the kind of growth Boyce hinted at when he stated, “We are excited to be in the area. Hopefully, we can hire more people over time and provide more jobs.”

We hope for the same things.

Elsewhere in this issue of the <em>Sangre de Cristo Chronicle</em>, we learned this week that Red River Tourism Director Jacqueline Hester has submitted her resignation. With Hester’s departure Red River will lose an asset. Hester had just started to leave her own positive fingerprints on the job.  This is the third departure in the economic development and tourism support roles of the community and we trust that Red River can recover gracefully and continue to grow in excellence in this vital part of the area’s economy.

Editor’s Note — This editorial is the opinion of the Sangre de Cristo Chronicle.