Find the Christmas meaning through the words of children

This time of year it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season. Often the true meaning of Christmas is lost.

It happens in the newspaper business too.

Since Thanksgiving, our staff has published a Winter Enchantment supplement, an edition of Land & Home and sponsored An Enchanted Christmas celebration, plus we published a section to go along with the event. We have also put together eight pages of letters to Santa in this issue.

So, around the Chronicle office the joy of the season is put on hold for a while.

It’s easy to get caught up in the push to the New Year. We start getting inundated with Christmas shopping commercials around Halloween. Stores in the big cities open 5 a.m. with shopping specials. The postal system is at capacity. The roads are busy and stores are full of people trying to fill a list too long to be reasonable.

But if you read this issue of the Chronicle and the words of our children, you get a sense of things that are right about the season.

Our job here at the Chronicle has certain perks. We get to read hundreds of letters to Santa and proofread many stories written by our readers describing the year-round Santas who live here. And every year there are a few that remind us what this season is really about.

For example, Duncan Stewart-Jackson a second-grade student at Eagle Nest Elementary School, writes that he wants “homes for the pouple who do not, too.”

Another Eagle Nest Elementary student CeCe Tafoya didn’t ask for toys but “I wold like my grampa to heal if you can. That’s all I whunt for Christmas.”

How sweet, CeCe. We hope you get your wish.

Red River Valley Charter School student Karina, a kindergartner, asked Santa that her sister not be sick anymore.

Dyllon Quintana wrote that he wanted, “All the pour a hous, food and water.”

It’s through the true and unselfish words of our children that we get a glimpse of Christmas and what the season is all about. These special reminders straight from their hearts are a gift better than any package under the tree. Thanks kids.

Merry Christmas from the staff of the Chronicle.