Fire decimates Red River business

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(Courtesy Photos/Bobcat Pass Wilderness Adventures)

The main headquarters for Bobcat Pass Wilderness Adventures and Cowboy Evenings atop Bobcat Pass outside Red River burned to the ground in the early morning hours Christmas Eve. At press time, Red River Fire Department crews were still on site. Check back at for updates.

“Somebody called in,” co-owner Henry Lewis said. “I was dead to the world ’til they woke me up at 3 a.m.”

Sue Lewis, who owns the business with Henry, noted the business will still be booking snowmobile tours from its new business location at 212 W. Main Street (kitty corner from Der Markt) in Red River.

“We’re running,” Henry said. “We’re doing four tours a day. People just need to check in at our office here in town and then we’ll drive up 4 miles to Bobcat Pass for the tours on the ranch across from our headquarters. We appreciate everyone’s support. We’re still running if they’ll just bear with us. Nobody was hurt. We just lost things from 25 years of collecting!”

Call 575-754-2769 or 575-754-9943.

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Bobcat Pass Wilderness Adventures will still be offering snowmobile tours from the top of the pass. (Chronicle file photo)



  1. Henery&Sue & family Sorry to here about your tradgey. I’m sure with your willingness & hard work you will get over this bump in the road. ( you are in my prayers) !!!!!!!

  2. Prayers for a fast recovery; God will turn this around and bless you greatly; My family and grandbabies was with you in 2013 and so loved it; Hope to do it again…

  3. So sorry for what’s happened. We have loved Cowboy evenings many times and look forward to to more in the future!!

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