First Angel Fire Garden show a ‘great flowery time’

Angel Fire Garden Club’s First Flower Show debuted Monday (Aug. 14) at the Angel Fire (Colfax County) Airport. Horticulture and Design entries were judged Sunday evening by National Garden Club judges and awards were presented to garden club members at the brunch on Monday. Over 60 ribbons were awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Places and Honorable Mention.

“Over 80 women and men enjoyed the displays,” Garden Club President Shirley Sheriff said. “The brunch was a lovely tea party setting that honored the garden club’s past presidents. A great flowery time was had by all!

“Along with Flower Show Chair Diane Peterson, I would like to thank all who participated and made this event such a success. Special thanks to Carl Shilcutt for allowing all of us to invade his space at the Angel Fire Airport. The airport operations terminal was a perfect setting for displaying all the beautiful flowers, sipping tea and delving into tasty quiche.”

Page Steed noted on the group’s Facebook page, “Kudos to Diane Peterson and Shirley Marie Sheriff, co-chairs of this amazing event and all of Angel Fire Garden Club members who cooked, baked, created table decorations, hauled “STUFF” everywhere (including all of Shirley Marie Sheriff’s household goods) back and forth, and those who helped set up, take down, clean up, organize and otherwise hold each others’ hands during the trials and tribulations of our first (very successful) National Garden Club Botanical Arts Flower Show and Brunch. Special thanks also  to Pete Peterson and Marvin Sheriff for their support and hard work and many thanks to Angel Fire’s Colfax County Airport and Carl for allowing us to invade their premises. Well done, ladies and gentlemen!”

Horticulture Top Award Winners

  • Award of Horticulture Excellence  Jacqui Binford-Bell for her Allium
  • Annuals  Award of Merit: Shirley Sheriff for her Iceland Poppy
  • Perennials  Award of Merit: Jackqui Binford-Bell for her Allium Copa
  • Shrubs and Trees — Arboreal Award: Conni Elkins for her piñon pine
  • Foliage — Award of Merit: Leslie Manning for her Caladium Freckles
  • Horticulture Sweepstakes Award — Shirley Sheriff: 15 1st Place Ribbons

Design Top Award Winners

  • Fresh Footprints Designer’s Choice — Barbara Thorne for her Line Design
  • Creative Footprints Botanical Arts Design Award — Shirley Sheriff for Feathery Footprints
  • Creative Footprints Botanical Arts Artistic Crafts Award  Jenny Estes for Walking Around in Circles
  • Award of Design Excellence — Diane Peterson for her hat design Shaded Footprints
  • Design Sweepstakes Award — Linda Gau: one 1st Place Ribbon; two 2nd Place Ribbons; one 3rd Place Ribbon.
Angel Fire Garden Club President Shirley Sheriff gets a kick out of Beth Donaldson’s presentation. (Courtesy Photo/Page Steed)
Suzanne Andrego, former New Mexico Garden Club President, presents a gift to Jacqui Binford-Bell. (Courtesy Photo/Page Steed)
Angel Fire Garden Club President Shirley Sheriff greets brunch guests. (Courtesy Photo/Page Steed)

Jacqui Binford-Bell proudly displays her Award of Horticulture Excellence Award (for her stunning allium, photo shown elsewhere in this album) and her Award of Merit (Perennials), also for her allium. She also received two 1st place ribbons and a 2nd place ribbon for her horticulture specimen entries. (Courtesy Photo/Page Steed)
Jacqui Binford-Bell’s Allium (the tall one) won the Award of Horticulture Excellence. (Chronicle photo by Ellen Miller-Goins)
Barbara Thorne won 1st place in the American Traditional Line Design category (Division I – Design), which also earned her the Designer’s Choice Award. (Courtesy Photo/Page Steed)
Diane Peterson won first place for “Shaded Footprints” (hats), as well as the Award of Design Excellence. Diane also earned a 3rd place (birdhouse) and Honorable Mention (wreaths) in the Division I Design competitions. (Courtesy Photo/Page Steed)
Jenny Estes won 1st in Division I, Class 4, “Walking Around in Circles” (wreaths), which also won the Botanical Arts Artistic Crafts Award. Jenny also won a 2nd place award for her Division I Design, Class 2 arrangement. (Courtesy Photo/Page Steed)
JJ Huddleston with her entries and awards, including a 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place entry in Division I – Design competitions, as well as three five 1st place ribbons and three 2nd place ribbons in the Division I – Horticulture competitions. (Courtesy Photo/Page Steed)
Jo Ann Layden raked in a few blues with her horticultural specimens (see her foxglove entry also posted in this album)! Jo Ann also won a 3rd Place in the Division I Design competition. (Courtesy Photo/Page Steed)
Jo Ann Layden’s blue ribbon foxglove (Division I Horticulture).
(Courtesy Photo/Page Steed)
Joan Bohls displays her awards, which include an Honorable Mention in the Division I – Design, Class 5 (birdhouse) category, as well as three 1st place and three 2nd place ribbons for her horticultural specimen entries. (Courtesy Photo/Page Steed)
Winner of the Design Sweepstakes Award, Linda Gillham Gau earned a total of one 1st place, two 2nd place, and a 3rd place ribbon all in the Division I Design competitions. (Courtesy Photo/Page Steed)
Linda Hughes was awarded three 1st place ribbons and one 2nd place ribbon in the Division I Horticulture categories. (Courtesy Photo/Page Steed)
Lucy Humbert displays her two 2nd place winners in the Division I – Design categories plus her three 1st place ribbons earned in the Division I – Horticultural categories. (Courtesy Photo/Page Steed)
Shirley Marie Sheriff won 1st Place, Division I – Design, “Feathery Footprints” (bird house or cage design) and the Botanical Arts Design Award. (Courtesy Photo/Page Steed)
(Courtesy Photo/Page Steed)
Conni Muller Elkins (and her hat) proudly display the awards earned for this day, which include a 1st place and a 2nd place ribbon in the Division I Horticulture competitions, as well as a 1st place for her tussy mussy, a 3rd place for her hat entry, and two Honorable Mentions for her birdhouse and creative design with abstract foliage entries. (Courtesy Photo/Page Steed)