Get to know Angel Fire Village Council candidates

Candidates Provided Profiles

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In the upcoming Angel Fire’s municipal election Tuesday (March 6), three candidates will vie for two 4-year Village Council positions: incumbents Rogers Lanon and Chuck Howe, and newcomer Jo Mixon. For the single 2-year-term council seat, incumbent William (Bill) Humbert, who was appointed Nov. 7, 2017 to replace resigning member Brinn Colenda, will compete against newcomers John Hail and Dafydd (Dave) Pritchard.

A public forum entitled Candidate Forum 2018: A Community Coming Together, will be held Monday, February 26, 6:30 – 8 p.m. at the Moreno Valley High School with award-winning journalist, Guy Wood as moderator.

In an effort to give the public a chance to learn more about the candidates before the forum, event hosts asked the six contenders three questions to help convey their motivations, qualifications and goals. Why are you running for Village Council? What are your qualifications? What do you hope to accomplish? Their unedited responses are here.

Candidates Seeking 4-Year-Term

Rogers Lanon

I’ve been a village councilor for the last 4 years. In that time we have gotten the audits caught up to the state for the village. We have gotten our financial house in order putting monies back for rainy days and as of last summer the village has a double A credit rating again. I’ve been an independent business owner most of my life and have lived in the area for quite sometime and know the villages history very well. I’ve also in the last 4 years taken the time to become a MOLI graduate for the municipal league for elected officials. We have started some things in the last few years that I want to see through or most of the way through like we started paying off all long term debt over a 10 year period and I really want to make sure that stays on track. For those who have been here awhile you Know Angel Fire has had some challenges in the past but I think we have a very bright future and I would like to be a part of that if given the chance.

Jo Mixon

Why are you running for Village Council? I am running for Village Council because I care for and am committed to the people, businesses and area of Angel Fire. 

What are your qualifications? I have been President/CEO of the Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce since 2011. I represent our businesses in the community, county and state level.

I am the 2018 President of the New Mexico Chamber Executives Association which represents over 10,000 businesses and Chambers all over the state. We join together as one voice to have a stronger presence during legislation.

I have written and been awarded grants for the Village of Angel Fire from the State Tourism Department. I was instrumental in getting Angel Fire moved from the Northeastern State Tourism District which included only plains areas, into the North Central State Tourism District, with the other alpine ski areas of the state. 

I am President of Art-Up Northern New Mexico representing artists of all genres.

I am one of the top 5 nominees for the State of New Mexico Ethics in Business Award to be announced April 25​th​. Over 300 people were nominated.

What do you hope to accomplish? Open, honest, service! I’d like to find a solution to alerting the community prior to the council’s vote on issues that might be crucial. We are in this as a team.  You can trust me to work with integrity and transparency in making decisions to enhance our quality of life and pave the way to a better future in the Moreno Valley. 

Chuck Howe

I am running for Village Council because I want to continue to build on my past efforts to move the village forward. We need one or more Councilor’s with extensive experience both in local government and in Santa Fe at the legislature. I have the historical knowledge regarding our past efforts and our short and long range plans to include becoming debt free in ten years. There is also a lot of synergy at the legislature between the veteran’s activities I support and the village.

I believe I am well qualified based upon the number of years that I have served including ten years as Mayor Pro Tem, having been elected by my peers. I am either Chair or Vice Chair of a number of Regional organizations including the Angel Fire Airport Advisory Board and the Intergovernmental Council of the Enchanted Circle (IGC). I represent the interests of the Village of Angel Fire at a number of Boards and Committees in Santa Fe.

One of the biggest things that I am working on right now is to coordinate regional economic development and regional infrastructure around the Enchanted Circle. We must work together and coordinate our efforts if we are going to grow. Tourism is our business and it is mandatory for us to create a center of mass to attract our summer and winter visitors. We also need to revitalize our airport to attract more visitors.

Candidates Seeking 2-Year-Term

Dafydd (Dave) Pritchard

Why are you running for Council? I am running so that we can put some much needed ethics back in Village Council.

If an elected official can promulgate a “Revenge List” with impunity.

We Need Change.

If you ask your Council Member to represent you and they don’t.

We Need Change.

When you have proof of Council Members using their position for personnel financial gain.

We Need Change.

When a basic revue of the financial side of the GO Bond tells you it is not possible.

We Need Change.

What are your Qualifications? I served with distinction in the Military Special Forces.

I studied Mechanical Engineering at University of Cape Town

I did my Post Graduate and Specialization in England for my Masters Degree.

I went to Bristol College to obtain my Master of Vessel (Ship’s Captain)

I have worked as an Engineering Project Manager in over 20 Countries

What do you hope to accomplish as Village Councilor? Day one will be to whistleblower the current Council Members who are illegally benefiting from being on Council.

It really is time for somebody to stand up and say Enough is Enough as this has been going on for so long and nobody in Angel Fire seems to care what’s happening in our towns Village Hall and who else that is running is better suited or has the temerity to stand up and put a stop to this gravy train the we call Village Hall.

You wonder why some Council Members are running again and ask yourself what did they do in their first term? Some have been there over 10 years feeding at the trough of your tax dollars. “Today This Stops”

My Special Forces Unit’s Motto was “De Opresso Liber” which loosely means; “To Liberate the Oppressed” It is a creed I have valued for a very long time. And I Will Stand Up!! 

William (Bill) Humbert

Angel Fire is my home. I’ve had a residence here since 2000 and have lived here full-time since 2014.

I have a strong record of community involvement.

  • Served as Chairman of Angel Fire Proud.
  • Ran for Village Council in 2016 and received the highest number of votes next in line of the elected officials.
  • Appointed to the Planning and Zoning Commission and served on P&Z until I was appointed to the Village Council in November 2017 to complete the term vacated by Brinn Colenda.
  • Appointed to the Music from Angel Fire Board in 2017 and chair the Education committee.

I am a military veteran and have 45 plus years in public and university education; overseeing large programs and budgets.  As incumbent to the Village Council since November 2017, I’ve seen it is crucial there be efficient and effective oversight with the General Obligation Bond. This is a major undertaking for the leadership of the Village. With my experience, I know what it takes to move our Village forward!  I would like to continue being a part of the team that will help our community excel.

If selected, these are my three major goals:

  1. Stay informed and engaged in the GO Bond so I may keep the public informed.
  2. Work toward the Village having quarterly Town Hall meetings for effective flow of information.
  3. Be available to network with legislative and state officials in order to secure funding.

John Hail

Why are running for Village Council? I want to serve the community to ensure the right path that Angel Fire is on continues through honest, transparent, and accountable leadership. This position is not about power or personal advancement. It is about the best interest of Angel Fire and the people living, working, and playing here. In reality, goals are not met over night. But through planning and responsible resource management building blocks can be put in place to progress toward the success of goals and accomplishments.

What are your qualifications? Living in Angel Fire 6+ years and business owner for 5+ years, I understand the nature of our community with seasonal workforce, rollercoaster revenues, and dependence on weather & tourism. Tapping into the potential resources can progress us the direction make our community more economically stable.

Community involvement includes: Elder at Moreno Valley Community Church, Board of Director of the Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce serving as Vice-chairman, Chairman, and Past Chairman, and Moreno Valley High School Community Advisory Committee.

What do you hope to accomplish as Village Councilor? I hope to accomplishment three things. Stronger relationships. Understanding resources. Enhanced communication. 

  1. Build Relationships between the Village:
  • Residents and Tourist
  • Businesses & community groups
  • Resort & Chamber

2. Understand Logistics

  • Gain knowledge of village departments and their contribution to village mission
  • Weigh out possible industry development
  • Recognize the Resort and Chamber’s resources and opportunities to work together

3. Communicate the logistics 

  • Develop communication paths
  • Resident and Tourist input
  • Village feedback

Candidate Forum 2018: A Community Comes Together will be hosted by Wheeler Peak Progressives, in partnership with Moreno Valley High School, Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce, Angel Fire Resort, Colfax County Republican Party, Shuter Library and Angel Fire Rotary Club.