It was a long, difficult journey

When readers picked up the May 28 issues of the Sangre de Cristo Chronicle and the Raton Comet, there was no mention that there were the final issues of both publications.

Most found out through a Taos News article,, Facebook, the evening news or local chatter. Judging by the calls for renewed or new subscriptions and other day-to-day business, some folks have not heard the news at all.

We hope this second “final” issue of the Sangre de Cristo Chronicle will serve both as a fitting goodbye, as well as proper notification to our subscribers.

Much of what you will see in these pages first appeared in a 30th Anniversary special section of the Chronicle in March 2005. Then owner Marcia Wood and staff combed through piles of often-unlabeled black and white photos, then had them all scanned and processed, all of which made compiling this publication a breeze by comparison.

Wood noted then “There’s no way to revisit everything that’s gone on in 30 years in the Moreno Valley, Eagle Nest, Cimarron and Red River.”

We agree.

The <em>Chronicle’s</em> staff did not try to do that then and we haven’t tried to do that now.

As Marcia noted, “This is just a slice of mountain life.…”

We hope you enjoy this issue,and we would like to extend our sincerest thanks to Joe Gallagher, Marcia and Guy Wood, present and past <em>Chronicle</em> staffers, loyal advertisers and all our faithful readers who have allowed this newspaper to be a part of their lives.