It’s always nice when the news is good

Ellen Miller-Goins, Managing Editor

The Village of Angel Fire has been behind on its audits for years, a fact made all the more painful in 2013 when Gov. Susana Martinez issued an executive order requiring that state capital outlay funds be granted only to municipalities whose annual financial audits were up-to-date. Today we share in Mayor Barbara Cottam’s joy — and relief — when she announced Monday (June 8) the Angel Fire audits are up to date.

“This now means we are eligible for grants and state and federal funding when available,” Cottam said. “We haven’t been eligible for several years.”

This is good new for Angel Fire and we commend Cottam and her staff — past and present she was quick to point out — for putting this nagging issue to rest.

We are also gratified to see that our state leadership resolved their differences long enough to approve a $295 million public works bill. Angel Fire may have been unable to qualify for funds this go-round but many of our local communities benefit from the state spending that is, after all, putting taxpayer dollars back in local hands.

We will leave it to voters to decide whether this deserves any gratitude since this comes on the heels of a 60-day session that left local municipalities, schools and other entities wondering what to do.

We’re glad legislators pulled it off during a special session. Really. Let’s just hope that for 2016 they manage to govern during their allotted time.

Finally, we would be remiss if we did not acknowledge the work that went into bringing Balloons Over Angel Fire back to this village June 19-21. This event was a popular summer destination from 1976, when Angel Fire Corp Realtor Phyllis McGuire started it, to 1994, when then chamber director Sharon Schultz converted the popular event to Wings Over Angel Fire.

It was a fun event. We’re glad it’s back.