Joint effort aims at improving street and fishing pond

Workers begin dredging the fishing pond the Town of Red River leases from Red River Ski & Summer Area. (Chronicle photo by Ellen Miller-Goins)

The Town of Red River and Red River Ski & Summer Area have begun work on a joint project that will restore the Red River City Fishing Pond, which the Town of Red River leases from Red River Ski & Summer Area for fishing in the summer time, and Caribel Trail by the Claim Jumper Condos.

“[The pond is] our primary source of water for snowmaking in the winter,” said Karen Kelly, marketing director for Red River Ski & Summer Area. “It’s part of quite a grandiose plan. The town is putting a walkway on their side and stabilizing it completely. We’re also making it deeper and lining it with gabions [a cage filled with rocks]. This is the first time we’ve been able to get on the town side to do this.”

Unloading black mud from the town fishing pond (Chronicle photo by Ellen Miller-Goins)

According to a press release from the town, construction will take about 3 months and will include bank stabilization on all sides of the pond and a sidewalk with railing on the north side of the pond (street side).

The town of Red River has completed three restoration projects on the Red River since 2006. The most recent project, the Town Park Reach in Tony Woerndle Memorial Park, was completed November 2016. 

Other nearby fishing areas include; Fawn Lakes NFS, about 3 miles west, and Eagle Rock Lake about 8 miles west, Cabresto Lake, Goose Lake, Middle Fork Lake and the Rio Grande.