Key contracts are coming due at Village

By Joe Warren<br />Publisher/editor

Two important personnel contracts are coming up for the Village of Angel Fire this year and the council should not take these positions lightly.

The village attorney’s contract is up at the end of the month and the village administrator’s is due in December.

Regarding these two positions, the council needs to ask: Are we better off now, than we were in 2008?

Joe Canepa, Angel Fire’s contracted attorney, may be touted in the New Mexico Municipal League circles as a good attorney, but we have questioned his legal advice from time to time.

From our side of the village, we have seen Canepa work his legal magic to benefit the mayors and administrators he works for but not necessarily the citizens.

Too often people in positions of political power forget who pays their salary. We could say that about Canepa.

Canepa has kept us out of court for a long time and he has 14 years of experience as the village’s attorney, but he needs to remember the work he does should reflect what the citizens want and not help the administration work the system.

Remember his advice to the village when it got into the paving business a couple of years ago? He said as long as the village offered the service to every business it was on solid ground. Wrong.

Village Administrator Larry Leahy’s contract is not due for many more months, but it’s time to consider if it’s been a good run or not. Leahy is a good businessman, good with budgets, but we believe he’s in over his head working in government.

Leahy has said himself that when he looks for people to fill key positions at the village he looks for those with New Mexico government experience first. Under that criteria, he wouldn’t hire himself.

The mayor should consider the same when he begins looking to renew the administrator’s contract.

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