LETTER: Cimarron is very fortunate to have Leo Martinez

Dear Editor,

We had the extreme good fortune of meeting and being helped by a teacher in the Cimarron schools, Leo Martinez. I believe he teaches fourth grade and those students and the community are very fortunate to have him.

We were returning to Santa Fe from my having surgery in Albuquerque when a new tire blew out on the interstate. Leo Martinez was behind us and when my wife wrestled the car safely to the side of the road, he pulled in front of us and in a few minutes changed the tire while I sat in the back seat still somewhat groggy and with a bandaged foot.

Not surprisingly, this man of character refused payment and when we suggested he use the money to buy supplies for his students, he said he already did that. We were so impressed by Mr. Martinez and the rest of the story is that he called to make sure we had gotten home safely.

I fear there are fewer such heroes today,  but Leo Martinez students will probably be better people and citizens because of his influence and example.

Bernard Ewell
Santa Fe, New Mexico