Letter: ‘It is the most… awe inspiring Vietnam Memorial I have ever seen’

That was an interesting article about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park being transferred to the Department of Veterans Services (DVS) of New Mexico. I didn’t see this story in any of the newspapers where I live (Los Lunas).

On June 4, I went to Taos to run a 5K race. On my way home, I saw a sign along the roadside that said: “Vietnam Memorial – 46 miles.” I had never heard of this memorial and decided to give it a visit. When my wife and I arrived I couldn’t believe what saw. It is the most beautiful, peaceful and awe inspiring Vietnam Memorial I have ever seen and I’ve seen a lot of them.

I put pictures of it on my Facebook page and got a lot of positive comments from my friends. (Most of my friends are from Illinois or Iowa since I lived in the Midwest until 7 years ago.) They had never heard of it and were very impressed but even people I know in New Mexico seem to know very little about it.

I think New Mexico should do more to let people know about this wonderful park. I hope the DVS of New Mexico of New Mexico doesn’t change it in any way.

Terry Thomas, Los Lunas, New Mexico

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