Thank you and until next time

Judy Vallier, Sarah Bertges, Shirley Trujillo and Charlotte Vasquez

Dear Families of the Moreno Valley,

We would like to thank all of the families who gave the staff of Angel Fire Resort Child Care & Preschool such a wonderful, heartfelt send off.

We were anticipating a quiet closing of the doors but you changed that for us when you came through our doors with food, hugs, tears and sharing of your memories.  The farewell you gave us will make leaving a little bit easier.  Seeing all the familiar faces, seeing how the children have grown and having you all come together under one roof to say goodbye to our community program, made our hearts swell with the genuinely sincere show of gratitude from each and every one of you.

Watching all of the children young and old that have attended our child care center playing outside together was priceless.  The older children looking after the younger children in the playground was a sight that will stay with me forever.  In my 30+ years of working at the childcare center, your child has left me with unforgettable memories.

We were grateful for your tremendous expression of support that we may not have been aware of ….

We were delighted in watching the parents and children walk around the child care center viewing photographs we have taken throughout the years.  It was especially heartwarming overhearing parents’ conversations about their fond memories of the child care center.

Cindy Moore you have the biggest heart for arranging this party for us and we are so thankful for the unforgettable party.  Thank you Kathy Grisham and Family for the beautiful cake. Jane Salois you make the best cakes.  Thank you to all the families and H2 for providing all the wonderful food.

Thank you for growing with us over the years and reminiscing one last time.

We are sorry to have to say Goodbye, but no one can take those tenderhearted memories of you and your children from us.

It is not Goodbye but until next time!