Letter: ‘We had a great convention’

Dear Editor:

We had a great Colfax County Convention at H2 Uptown Restaurant Saturday (June 4). Thanks for the great food Dominic!

Linda Gallegos spoke for County Clerk candidate Rebecca Hoy and I spoke for myself and the other candidates. We elected eight delegates who will vote on Jeff and Cindy Carr, our delegates to the National Convention.

Ron and Paddy Anderson of Eagle Nest, Lee Stuart and Mike Floyd of Angel Fire (newly involved in Colfax), and Nancy Passikoff and Nancy Poe of Raton, who wish to be National Delegates. Also in attendance were Barbara Jones of Angel Fire and Commissioner Bill Suable of Maxwell, and Press and Donna Martin of Raton.

We need volunteers for the three upcoming parades on July 4th in Raton, Cimarron and Eagle Nest.

Our next meeting will be at the Kit Carson Restaurant in Cimarron on Thursday (July 16) at 1 p.m. where we will discuss how we wish to support our candidates and the Colfax County Fair & Parade in Springer. Don’t forget to vote Tuesday (June 7). 

Jeff Carr, Eagle Nest