Local publishes historical fiction set in Moreno Valley

Moreno Valley Sketches.front cover copyThere are a lot of stories in the Moreno Valley, and Eagle Nest resident Loretta Miles Tollefson wants to tell as many of them as she can. She began by posting short stories set in the Valley and its surrounding area at www.bqestories.com; then she realized that she wanted to focus her efforts on the valley in the mid-1800s.

The resulting stories are contained in Moreno Valley Sketches, a collection of short fiction that was published in August. All of the stories in Moreno Valley Sketches are set in the 1800s and the action occurs in or near the Moreno Valley.

The book includes stories about cattle rustlers, homesteaders, miners, and trappers, from the Mountain Man period to the beginnings of the Colfax County War. Each story is no longer than 150 words, although some form part of a longer sequence. Tollefson feels strongly that historical fiction should be based in history, not fantasy, so she has devoted many hours to the research for this book. In fact, she has even annotated it, so readers can learn more about the area than just what’s in the stories. Moreno Valley Sketches is available from on-line booksellers and at Golden Eagle RV Park and Store in Eagle Nest.

Contact Information: Loretta Miles Tollefson, lorettatollefson@gmail.com or 575-776-7703.


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