Message from the Red River Marshal’s Office

bear-in-dumpster“I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying ‘A fed bear is a dead bear.’ This couldn’t be more true.”

I love our bears. There’s nothing like seeing one of these magnificent animals in the wild. But it’s fall and the temps are falling so that means they are starting to get ready for hibernation. Time to start locking the dumpsters at night, making sure food isn’t left outside or in vehicles and pet foods are stored properly. Most conflicts between people and bears are the result of people approaching and feeding bears or allowing a bear to obtain garbage and pet/livestock feed. I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying “A fed bear is a dead bear.” This couldn’t be more true. Bears are a wonderful natural resource and nothing is more heartbreaking than having to put one down due to laziness or carelessness of people. It’s wasteful, frustrating and, in most cases, completely preventable. Learning the appropriate safety techniques will minimize the possibility of an encounter. 

The important thing to remember is this : You are responsible for your safety and the safety of the bears. If you encounter a bear in town please don’t approach it. Contact the Marshal’s Office at 575-754-6166 and give us the location and time you saw it. We will take the necessary steps to isolate and remove the bear so it’s safe and not harmed. Let’s work together this year to provide a safe and healthy environment for not only ourselves but our precious wildlife.