Mora County Ambulance Service put on notice

Ambulance Service Placed on Notice – Transportation Investigators are Monitoring

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SANTA FE – The New Mexico Public Regulation Commission voted 3-2 Wednesday, August 2, and issued a number of requirements to impose for Mora County Ambulance Service operations moving forward.

Commissioner Lynda Lovejoy introduced the motion that went on to garner the majority of the Commission’s support on Wednesday, with Commissioners Pat Lyons and Sandy Jones backing Lovejoy’s order.

The Commission found that the Corrective Action Plan and Status Report, which addressed the hiring of EMTs and presented future hiring plans filed by Mora County Ambulance Service (MCAS) was insufficient, as it failed to address the main issue of MCAS failing to respond to emergency scenes as requested via 911 calls.

MCAS was put on notice that there exists in their county “a serious situation that presents an ongoing threat to public safety and welfare of the community and to nonresidents traveling through Mora County,” and that the Commission and Transportation Division would be closely monitoring the actions of the ambulance service. That monitoring will take place in part through monthly reports prescribed in an order adopted by the Commission.

“Mora has admitted they had a problem with responding 24/7 in the past, but has cooperated with the Transportation Division Director, and his requests for information,” Commissioner Lynda Lovejoy stated Wednesday. “Mora also filed a Corrective Action Plan. We should give Mora the chance to prove to the Commission over the next six months that they have corrected the problems. We are not foreclosing the possibility of issuing an Order to Show Cause in the future by issuing the Order to File Monthly Reports now.”

If over the course of the next six months, MCAS is found to be in violation of the Motor Carrier Act, they are subject to administrative fines for each act or admission constituting a violation and for each day that a violation continued.