New management: Angel Fire Bakery and Cafe

By Michelle Duregger — Staff Writer

ANGEL FIRE —“Where the locals meet and greet,” still applies according to new Angel Fire Bakery Manager James Prichard. Management at the bakery changed in late January, but the ownership is still the same. “Nothing has changed,” said Prichard. “Same wait staff, same menu.”

Things are changing though, things are improving. Owner Stan Samuels and Prichard will be improving the patio for live music in the summer. They are currently offering live music on Saturday mornings and creating a website with more of a social media presence to announce specials and events. They are open seven days a week with a breakfast menu served all day and also a lunch menu. Specials are offered three times a week and special promotions can be accessed through the Facebook page. The cafe is becoming more of a hang-out spot with free Wifi and plans are to offer natural teas and espressos, etc.

“We want to make this a first class place,” said Prichard, who splits his time between managing the Cafe and the Trailhead Bike and Ski shop. His enthusiasm for customer service is evident in his eagerness to open the door of the cafe and say “Good morning!” before you can reach the door handle.