New managing editor: It’s always been about community for me

In the words of Michael Corleone, “Just when I thought I was out … they pull me back in!”

All kidding aside, it is a real pleasure to return to the Sangre de Cristo Chronicle, the newspaper where I learned how to serve our small communities as a proud member of the Fourth Estate. I am looking forward to working with Lisa Morales and the Chronicle team.

For those of you who don’t know me, with the exception of a few forays into the “real world,” I have lived in Red River since I was 2 years old. I have worked in the resort industry since age 10, when I baited hooks, cleaned fish and operated the cash register at Rainbow Lake (now the town’s public fishing pond on Pioneer Road). Like nearly everyone else in this area, I have worn a multitude of hats: ski instructor, cross-country ski instructor, waitress, retail clerk, bookkeeper, human resources director and — of course   — journalist.

In 2010 my husband Geoff and I took over ownership of Enchanted Forest Cross Country Ski Area from my parents John and Judy Miller. Geoff will continue operating that facility while I step into the role of managing editor at the Chronicle.

From 1993 to 2005 I served either as a reporter/photographer or news editor at the Chronicle. Its former owners Guy and Marcia Wood have left to enjoy retirement and be grandparents, but I will always be grateful to them for teaching me nearly everything one needs to know about reporting the news for a small weekly newspaper.

I fervently believe there will always be a place for a newspaper that does its utmost to celebrate your son, your daughter, your hometown team — a newspaper that strives to shed the light on the all-too-often closed doors of government proceedings.

I appreciate the delicate balancing act a newspaper in a resort community must maintain between reporting the hard news and serving as a cheerleader for our beautiful area.

In my years at the Chronicle, one of the things I cherish most is the way this job expanded my universe. I got to know and, in some cases, grew to love, folks in Angel Fire, Black Lake, Lakeview Pines, Eagle Nest, Idlewild, Ute Park, Cimarron — heck, even Red River. It’s one thing to see someone every day at the post office, quite another to sit down for an in-depth interview.

It is a given that everyone has an interesting story to tell. I look forward to hearing yours someday.

Editor’s Note — Ellen Miller-Goins of the Red River area is the new managing editor of the Sangre de Cristo Chronicle. The Chronicle’s outgoing Managing Editor Jesse Chaney has accepted a job as city editor of the Independent Record in Helena, Montana.