Opinion: Hello, AT&T, are you listening?

Technology can be your best friend and worst enemy all in the same breath. Such is the Moreno Valley’s battle with cell phone service, i.e. AT&T specifically.

Just a few short years ago, we weren’t even recognized as an official AT&T network. But with the construction of the new cell tower on the west side of the mountain, things improved some. We’re actually in an AT&T network and our data usage caps were lifted. Reception was improved. Those areas where there was once no signal suddenly had “bars.” But we never seemed to really get fully into the 21st century with phone service and coverage. One day it might be good, the next, almost non-existent.

Over a year ago, I took it upon myself to reach out to the powers-that-be at AT&T to try and get our issues here in Angel Fire resolved. I met an AT&T person in the External Affairs department in Santa Fe last year who had been helpful in getting me in contact with an engineer who covers this area. He has had crews up here over the past few months testing the system and attempting to make it better. Incremental improvements at best.

A week ago, I again texted the AT&T engineer to ask if he could revisit our problems. Have yet to hear back. I then Googled “att manager New Mexico” and got a web page with an email for the AT&T president, Jerry Fuentes, for Arizona and New Mexico. Sent him a mail about our situation.


Then I found Mr. Fuentes on Twitter and sent him a Tweet.


It’s like I said in my email to Mr. Fuentes, being a small community, it is hard to get on the radar of a big company. But it is critical that our service becomes reliable, not only for individuals but for our local businesses and especially for our emergency personnel.

Stay tuned.