Red River auditor praises town staff, leadership

After announcing his company found the Town of Red River had zero findings, Andrew Quintana, CPA and Auditor at Kubiak Melton & Associates, LLC, told the Red River Town Council the town’s 2015-2016 audit had received an “unmodified opinion.”

“That’s the best opinion you can receive,” Quintana said. “That’s a testament to the financial staff of the town.”

Quintana said last year the town had four prior year findings, all of which were resolved and also with an unmodified opinion. He added that, in his experience, a community can have as many as 20 findings. “It just really depends on the talent that you have and in this case you have a lot of talent. Hats off again to the finance staff, again, the mayor [Linda Calhoun], Georgiana [Rael, municipal clerk/town administrator], Kelly [Cherry, finance director] and Kim [Leach, deputy clerk/finance].”

Georgianna Rael noted, “We strive every year for improvement.”

According to the state auditor’s website an unmodified opinion, “means that the auditor was able to audit the financial statements (entity’s books, records, etc.) without problem. The auditor feels confident that everything in the financial statements is a true reflection of the entity’s operations.”

The Village of Angel Fire received the same opinion this year with only two findings while, by contrast, the Village of Maxwell had eight findings with a “Disclaimer” or undesirable opinions, which, according to the state “is actually a lack of opinion and means that the auditor was unable to audit in such significance that the auditor can not express an opinion (one of the three above). This means that the entity failed to support their financial statements (records, books, etc). Most likely there are missing documents in this case; such as missing invoices, etc.”