Red River weather watcher wanted

The National Weather Service in Albuquerque is looking for someone in Red River who enjoys weather and would like to become the official Red River observer for the NWS Cooperative Observer Program. This volunteer work takes up very little time, is fun, and has long-term benefits for the area. Weather observations have been recorded in Red River since 1906, making it one of the most important stations throughout New Mexico.

The observer will record the high and low temperatures as well as 24 hour precipitation totals for Red River. A cooperative station is a site at which observations are taken or other services rendered by volunteers or contractors who are not NWS employees, and who are not required to take or pass observation certification examinations. Equipment used at NWS cooperative stations is provided and maintained by the National Weather Service. The station data forms which are provided are entered into a web page or mailed to NWS monthly and then sent to the National Climatic Data Center where data are digitized, quality controlled, and subsequently archived.

If you or anyone you know in Red River is interested in volunteering year round for this program, please contact Dwight Koehn or Raymond Jojola with the Albuquerque NWS office at 1-888-386-7637 or 505-243-0702. They can answer any questions you may have and provide additional information on cooperative observers.